• Stl1234
    • Should now handle structures as well as other quotes that have state based variants.
    • Should work smoothly with DST (You need to be in the scripts folder for DST, which is the folder that contains speech*.lua files)
    • Some bug fixes.
    • Instructions below have been updated a bit, make sue you read them again.

    So, We now have the new Quotes template, allowing all character quotes to exist on the page, instead of having to select one. I've written a simple (and stupid) powershell script to auto generate the template text for any given item, including Wigfrid umlauts. Here is how it works (For Windows & Steam):

    1. Open Powershell by searching for powershell in the start menu.
    2. Open steam, From Don't Starve properties, local files tab, you'll have the "Brow…

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