• Sixfive!

    This wiki was created to help list items, NPCs, and recipes for Klei's game "Don't Starve".

    It was my original intention that this NOT be a walk-thru or blatant cheatsheet (there are plenty of those around), as much as a way for people to learn about what is discoverable in the game. Example: someone comes here and sees there is now a turkey ("Gobbler ") in the game, it makes them want to find it. We all have that drive to find/discover all the items, even if we already saw it on this wiki. Even though I saw the turkey on the wiki first, it was still fun to hunt around and finally see it jet out of the berry bush and run away. (And I'm still looking for the Tree Guard...)

    While somethings like the Crock Pot recipes are technically a cheatshe…

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