I was trying to find my save game data and wound up looking through the game's "data" folder, didn't find what I was looking for. But I looked around some more anyways and looked in the "bigportraits" folder and saw some .tex files with recognizable names: Wendy, Wilson, Wolfgang, etc. There's also some other names: Wes and Woodie. I tried opening them with a .tex reader but they're unreadable.

There's also another folder similar called "portaits," found the same names with even more names I haven't seen: Wallace, Waverly, Webber, Wilbur, Wilton, Winnie, Wortox, and wx78. Found nothing more there really and looked more.

Found a folder called "inventoryimages." Included familiar looking names mostly, some not so like: Bonestew, Bucket, Chester Eyebone, Crown, Horn, Krampus Sack, Scarecrow, Skull (character name), Truffle, and Waffles.

Although I did see an article on the Krampus Sack earlier, it was made by an anon and there was no evidence so it was kind of sketchy. Anyways, I'd like to hear other peoples thoughts on some of this.

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