First off before this begins I would like to say this is a fanfiction and unofficial don't starve book, and I would like some tips and pointers on this story so I can keep making new chapters for everyone to enjoy. And if you do enjoy it please let me know so I can keep making more.

by:Professional noob guy


A Don’t Starve story

A Man, A road, and some grose amphibians.

Wilson woke up, startled to see a man before him, “Say pal, you don’t look so good. You better find something to eat before night comes!” The man said, right before he disappeared into a cloud of smoke. Wilson shakily got to his feet, Wilson looked around, confused to see he wasn’t in his house, but rather in the middle of nowhere. Wilson scouted the area, eventually he found a brick road. Wilson followed the road, before he even reached the end of the road it was almost night, Wilson looked around he needed a campfire. “but how to get wood…”, Wilson thought to himself. He grabbed sticks and grass to make a torch instead, he decided to continue down the road. Later at sunrise Wilson had seen the earth open up and it had teeth!?!? Wilson decided to continue down the road, faster. But then Wilson just realized how hungry he was. Wilson saw a pond with berries and carrots and… FROGS!? “GROSE,” Wilson thought, feeling like he was going to herl. But Wilson was still hungry, so he avoided the frog and went for the carrots and berries. But just then Wilson noticed a frog jumping towards him, Wilson's next few moments felt like they were in slow motion, as he saw the frog land next to him, then it began to open its mouth, then its tongue came out and bopt Wilson in the nose. Wilson, startled by what just happened, dropped his torch. Wilson didn't bother to get the rest of the food and ran, not wanting to get licked by another murderous frog.

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