I thought I would drop a blog post about the Don't Starve wiki here so that I can then go back and link it to the forums.

Yes boys. I am going to try and get more of you on board with this.

The forums have been a great source of amusement, interaction and updates for the game to me. In order to give something back I decided to join in the efforts to improve the wiki. Taking some of the pages and knowledge from my own experiences and forum posts to here.

I know some of what I add here won't be my own work or knowledge. I will try to give credit where credit is due. I know I will make mistakes. Mispell things until some poor grammer teacher croakes on her own tears.

The point is that the Don't starve community is a great one and ever growing and it is my hope to bring that great sharing from the forums to here. To give a series of pages the offer world advice. References, images and ideas to a whole new set of players.

And as they JR Rowling would say "Learn until our brains all rot"

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