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The Last Taken Photo Of The Powdercake

Welcome To The Powdercake Challenge! I Intend To See The Last Of This Powdercake Even If It Kills Me, Several Times! On This Blog You Will Find Actively Updated Statuses, And The Entire Story Of How I Got The Powdercake And How Its Been Going. The Foolish Cake Should Not Have Challenged Me!

Blank Day
Day 1674
(World 12)

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(Updated On March 14th, 2018)



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Powdercake Powdercake Challenge Information (Days 1-1500)                                               

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Day 1400-1500 (World 10)                                                                                                                                          

I Was Worried That I Would Have To Waste A Firepit, Because I Had No Campfire Pre Made And I Couldnt Find The Pig King, But Luckily Before Night Came I Did, The Village Was Well Populated With Pigs, So I Got Gold Early The Second Day And Dug Up Items, Including A Trinket Which He Gave Me 8 Gold For. Then I Went Out And Walled In An Area For The Powdercake, I Had Better Resources So I Built It Bigger, Then I Went Out To Search For The Worlds Things, So I Wouldnt Have To Worry About Them, And Hounds Came Again To Nearly Kill Me. By Day 17 I Had All The Things On The Teleportato, Which Is A New Record Even For Me, I Went Back To Base To Deal With My Sanity Issues. After My Sanity Improved, I Fought Off The Hounds That Spawned, After That I Made Chests For My Stuff For When I Have To Travel Again, The Pigs Were All Defeated By The Spider Army That Had Spawned From The Many Spider Eggs I Had Planted. I Have An Overabundance Of Food, And Its Almost Winter, Im Thinking Of Doing Something More Interesting After The World Jump. Winter Has Come And Im Pretty Prepared, I Fought Off Hounds And Deerclops, Nothing Crazy Happened Before I Went Through The Teleportato. Day 1475-1500(SPOILERS)

Day 1300-1400 (World 9)                                                                                                                                           

Instead Of Reading It, You Can See It For Yourself!

Day 1200-1300 (World 8)                                                                                                                                          

Pig King Was Found Day 2, As Always I Set Up Camp And A Place For The Powdercake. There Were Only 5 Pig Houses So I Thought I Was Going To Be Doing A Lot Of Starving, For A While I Did. I Found Some Butterflies, And Then Planted Them Near My Base, And Then There Were So Many I Almost Never Starved Again. Winter Came And I Was Still Living Off Butterfly Wings, Deerclops Came Without A Warning Somehow, WX-78 Didn't Even Say Anything, No Heavy Breathing No Nothing, After He Destroyed A Bunch Of Structures I Managed To Take Him Down. Summer Came Again And I Could Sit Back And Relax As The Powdercake Rotted, At Least Until Hounds Came And Ruined Everything, One Of The Hounds Actually Chewed A Hole In The Walls Around The Powdercake, And I Couldn't See The Powdercake And Freaked Out, Luckily It Was Behind The Remaining Wall, What A Relief. Winter Came Again And I Hadn't Gathered Enough Butterfly Wings And I Would Have Starved If I Hadn't Had Loads Of Monster Meat, The Sanity And Health Loss Were Solved By Sleeping In A Tent. Deerclops Came With A Warning This Time, So I Beat Him Easier, Hounds Came On Day 96 And I Was Ready This Time. I Went Through The Teleportato On Day 100, Like Always.

Day 1100-1200 (World 7)                                                                                                                                          

I Found The Pig King On Day 4 And Started Up Camp As Usual, Then I Set Up The Pen For The Powdercake As I Usually Do, Then I Set Up Tents To Pass The Days. The Pig King Was Next To 10 Pig Houses That Were All Really Close Together, So I Planted Some Spiders Nests To Get Free Food. The Deerclops Came On Day 30 And Destroyed 2 Houses Before Me And The Pigs Took Him Down. I Never Went Down To The Caves Or Ruins Because I Didn't Need The Guardian Horns, I Was Satisfied With 18 Houndius Shootius. Deerclops Came Again And Took Out 4 More Pig Houses. The Spiders Overan The Pigs And I Only Had Spider Meat Left Until I Could Get Them Under Control. Hounds Never Really Were A Problem, Until Day 99 Where They Came AGAIN, I Swore To Be More Prepared Next Time Day 99 Came Around And Then Went Through The Portal On Day 100 As Usual.

Day 1000-1100 (World 6)                                                                                                                                           

I Found The Pig King, Early Day 2, And Started Placing My Pre-Build Structures As Usual. I Got Some Wooden Walls And Built A Pen Around The Powdercake So Nothing Would Eat It. On Day 29 I Had Set Up My Base And A Way To Feed Myself Until Day 100, Which Is Why The Deerclops Had To Come And Wreck Everything. After Defeating The Deerclops And Fixing Up My Base, I Went To The Ruins And Obtained The Guardian Horn. I Decided To Go Find The Teleportato Things, And As I Was Finding The Last One, The Deerclops Came. I Avoided Him Until I Could Find Proper Weapons, And Then I Killed Him. Then I Went Down To The Ruins And Obtained The Other 2 Guardian Horns. The Deerclops Came On Day 97 And Wrecked My Base, I Killed Him And Crafted The 18th Houndius Shootius. I Left The World On Day 100 As Usual.

Day 900-1000 (World 5)                                                                                                                                           

I Got Out On A Late Start Because I Reached The Pig King On Day 4, But I Caught Up And Set Up Camp. I Started Working On Sustaining My Hunger And Sanity Before Searching For Things. At Day 30 The Deerclops Came And I Fought Him Off, Then As Summer Came I Went Underground And Collected The Guardian Horn, And Then I Came Up To The Surface And Collected The Things To Spend The Time. I Defeated The Deerclops And Then Killed The Guardians. I Built The Teleportato At Day 94 And The Deerclops Gave Me A Surprise Visit, Luckily I Beat Him Since I Had My Gear With Me, And Then I Headed Back To My Base And Collected My Inventory For Day 99, Unluckily Though, Hounds Surprised AND Killed Me On Day 99, I Gathered My Inventory Angrily And Made It To The Teleportato Right Before Night Came On Day 100.

Day 800-900 (World 4)                                                                                                                                             

I Came Into The World And Found The Road Early On, And Quickly Found The Pig King On Day 1. I Prototyped Every Item And Structure So I Wouldn't Have To Build A Alchemy Engine On The Next World. I Gathered The Guardians Horns Of The World On Day 18, 40, 78, And Got The Deerclops Eyes In The Winters. I Made Tents Every Day To Pass The Days, And I Went Down To The Ruins To Make All Of The Houndius Shootiuses. I Went Built The Teleportato At 91, And Went To World 5 At Day 100.

Day 700-800 (World 3)                                                                                                                                               

In The New World, I Found The Pig King On Day 2. I Started By Putting My Items Away Into A Chest, And Then I Started To Set Up Camp, Placing Down The Pre-Built Structures. Then After Fighting Off Hounds, I Went Down Into The Ruins, And Killed The First Ancient Guardian. I Came Up To Start Searching For The Things, I Found The Wooden Thing, Then I Killed The Deerclops, Then I Found The Metal Potato Thing. When Summer Came I Went Down And Killed Another Ancient Guardian, Then I Went Up And Found The Worlds Mandrakes And The Ring Thing, Then I Fought Deerclops And Died, Respawned At A Meat Effigy And Killed Him. I Found The Rest Of The Things And Assembled The Teleportato. I Killed The Final Guardian, And Started Digging The Worlds Graves. Winter Came And I Died Fighting Deerclops Twice, And Used My Worlds Touch Stones, Then I Finally Killed Him. I Made 3 Houndius Shootius And Then Went To The Next World.

Day 600-700 (World 2)                                                                                                                              

Since I Had I Had 100 Days To Waste, I Placed A Load Of Tents, To Skip The Nights. I Decided To Plant All Of My Pinecones, Hammer My Structures, Placed A Bunch Of Pig Houses, And Bunnyman Hutches. I Let All Of The Bunnies In My Collection Out, Including The Homeless Bunnyman, I Left Chester With Them. I Left On The Dusk Of Day 700

Day 500-600 (World 2)                                                                                                                                

I Thought About Moving To The Next World On Day 700(800), And Then Id Stay There For 200 Days, So I Started Taking The Most Important Items From All My Chests, And Put Them In 3 Chests Of Items I Would Be Able To Take With Me, I Also Started Pre-Building All Of The Buildings For The Next World. After Finishing Up All Of That, I Started Wasting Time To Reach Day 700

Day 400-500 (World 2)                                                                                                                                  

I Decided To Come To The Surface After 40 Or So Days, And Then I Went To Discover The Whole Map. After That, I Checked On My Powdercake, And It Had Had Lost Another 4%, I Celebrated By Putting The Teleportato Together. I Went Back To The Ruins And Regathered My Things, And Brought Them Back To The Surface. The Rock Lobsters Had Repopulated Like Crazy, So After Many Days, I Managed To Kill All Of The Ones On The Island I Kept My Items. There Were Still Over A Hundred In Other Places On The Map, I Couldn't Get That Many Though.

Day 300-400 (World 2)                                                                                                                                  

After Killing 82 Krampi And What Seemed Like Forever, I Finally Found A Krampus Sack, And It Was One Of The Best Moments Id Had In Don't Starve So Far. I Had Finally Found Every "Thing" In The World, And Then I Made A Bunny Collection Of About 120 Bunnies, 21 Bunnymen, That I Walled Off Using Stone Walls, And Then I Finally Managed To Get A Baby Beefalo Into A Pen And Started A Herd. I Relocated The Pig/Bunnymen Villages, Then I Went Down To The Ruins And Started A Base, Where I Could Have Survived Indefinetely, Growing Trees, Dragon Fruit, Berries, Etc.

Day 200-300 (World 2)                                                                                                                                         

I Tried About 4 Times Repeatedly Trying To Get To The Finish, And On The Last Time, I Had Finally Unlocked Maxwell, I Was So Happy I Had Finally Unlocked Him. Once I Found Out That I Had To Play As Him Now, I Spent About 2 Minutes Just Staring At The Screen Before Going Back Through Maxwells Door To Get WX-78 Back, It Took 2 More Tries. I Checked On My Powdercake And Found Out That A Single Row Of Pixels Were Missing. I Allied Every Pig In The Village, And Cut Down All The Trees On The Island To Celebrate. I Also Brung Some Rock Lobsters To The Surface To Help Me With Hounds (Which I Learned Was A Mistake Later)

Day 100-200 (World 2)                                                                                                                                            

I Chose To Play As WX-78, And It Was A New World And I Was Determined To Make This One Better Then The Last, It Was The First Day And I Had Found A Wormhole, I Went Through And It Led Directly To The Pig King. With An Amazing Head Start I Started Chopping Trees Down And Placed All Of My Pre-Built Structures I Had. I Also Built A Little Boxed In Area With Stone Walls, Then I Put The Powdercake On The Ground To Speed Up The Rotting Process. I Found Maxwells Door, And Unknowingly Tried It, I Only Lived 17 Days In Adventure Mode On That Try

Day 1-100 (World 1)                                                                                                                  

This Is When I Had First Created The World, I Was Fairly New, And I Played As Wilson, This Was My Fourth Or Fifth Attempt At Surviving Indefinetely. I Couldn't Manage To Find The Pig King, So I Had Settled Near A Cave Entrance, Where I Would End Up Living. I Never Did Find That Pig King, And I Had An Average Base With An Alchemy Engine And A Prestihatitator, I Had Found The Ruins For The First Time. I Had Made A Powdercake After Visiting The Wiki. When I Found The Ruins, I Stayed There For A Little While, Long Enough To Find An Ancient Pseudosciencen Station, And How The Nightmare Cycle Worked, As Well As Get Killed By An Ancient Guardian. I Respawned On The Surface By Meat Effigy, And Then I Built A Shadow Manipulator Only To Find Out It Didn't Manipulate Shadows, But Instead Unlocked A New Row Of Magic Items. I Made Some Night Armor And A Dark Sword. I Went Down To The Ruins, Killed The Ancient Guardian, And Made My First Houndius Shootius. After That I Grabbed Everything, Including The Powdercake, Put Them In My Piggyback And Went Through The Teleportato.

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