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    The Wiki Needs You!

    My Adoption Request on Central Wikia.

    I would like to thank everyone for supporting me so that I can adopt the wiki. Now, I am recruiting a team of admins. I need active and experienced editors to be our admin. Being an admin, you will have to update information regularly, delete inappropriate pages, patrol pages by checking Special:RecentChanges etc.

    Well, I have set up guidelines and if you really want to be the admin, you must fulfill all the requirements (That's simple, isn't it?)

    Also, read Don't Starve game Wiki:Administrators carefully to familiar with the duties and rights of an admin. After that, please click Don't Starve game Wiki:Requests for adminship and you have to fill in that simple form. I will reply you as soo…

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  • Mentalistpro
    bad grammar everywhere, lmao


    Now our bureaucrat and admins are inactive, some pages really need to be moved or deleted, and inappropriate edits or comments are still here. The only active admin is Cyde042 but he has not been editting in the wikia since March 16. I am not judging him whether he is a good or bad admin, but we certainly need another person to maintain the operation and also the quality of the wiki. One man isn't enough to stop vandalism in this circumstance. Also, admins like IndieNerd and the founder Sixfive! haven't been editing since Feb, we really need an active editor to take over this wikia.

    I want to be take part in the administration and I have submitted my…

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  • Mentalistpro

    Hey guys, Doorway to Adventure Update has brought some new features including the points of interest and traps. I want to create pages related to these stuff on the wikia, however I don't know the official name of this traps, so I simply list our some points of interest and traps.

    Ice Staff Trap

    This is the first trap I have ever met and it is surrounded by 5 Ice Hounds while an Ice Staff is placed at the center. Once you take the Ice Staff, other hounds will attack you. I did not take it at once, instead I killed the Ice Hounds one by one. It sounded strange as other hounds usually woke up if their companions were killed, but the hounds remained asleep in this case.

    After slaughtering all Ice Hounds, I picked up the Ice Staff and collected l…

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  • Mentalistpro


    March 17, 2013 by Mentalistpro

    It may be inappropriate to open a blog, but i wanna ask you guys a few questions.

    1. The place for Guardian Pigs is called the Pig Fort / Guard Pig Fortress / Pig Fortress or anything else?

    2. A peninsula where a Pig House is located and surrounded by some Wood Walls is called Pig Fortress / Pig Island or anything else?

    3. Where is the game save location now? (It has changed)

    I would appreciate anyone who answers my question, because I don't want to make edit without verifying stuff, I don't want to ruin the wiki. You know, in the Klei Don't Starve forum, some community members are talking about the decline of this wiki. This wikia is being HAMMERED by spammers and vandalizers, while our wiki admins are all inactive now except Cyde042. That mea…

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  • Mentalistpro

    Here is the secret movie. You have to find it in last Easter Eggs or in the official forum !

    This can be seen in the video and it seems that it is a hidden monster, perhaps it is the final boss? I am not sure if it is a turtle or other creatures. Anyway, it can emit flame.

    This Easter Egg can also be seen in the video, but you have to pay more attention to it. There is a link and it links to the page as shown in the picture below. The page is named eureka, so the official name of those wooden things may be eureka? I am not sure.

    There is a link after you have entered the eureka page, it is located at the left handle of the machine. Once you've clicked it, the eureka machine will be turned on and you will be redirected to a…

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