While Don't Starve is still a ways from official release, the game has already garnered a huge amount of attention and a large fan community. Now is your chance to get heard. Klei Entertainment, the creators of Don't Starve, have kindly offered to answer YOUR community questions!

Wondering what design choices the team has scrapped? Eager to know where the game's unique art style comes from? Ask any question in the comments below and Wikia will forward the questions on to the design team!

Of course not all questions can be answered. Also, many have already answered in other venues. Be sure to check out Klei's list of Common Suggestions and Answers and make sure yours has not already been asked. You can also see their FAQ here and their response to Multiplayer here.

While we have some information, there is still plenty to explore. Simply leave your questions/comments below in the comments section by the end of this week and return soon for your answers!