OK so

I had one game where i made it to world two after 130 days holy shit right

i go through the portal and im wilson and im like hella proud of this save

and i play as wilson on world 2 for like 55+ days

Then these motherfuckers show up and herd IN MY BASE.

Screenshot 2015-10-18 01.21.35


Screenshot 2015-10-18 03.12.11

see these mofos? IN MY BASE

Ok so I'm like "fine i can make it through winter with these assholes."

It's like day 66, I made bacon and eggs and ate them, then went into my chest and started organizing my stuff and then WHAM. Pengulls riggity riggity wrecked me, son.

I'm like "WOOOOAH, ok.... lemme just walk from the touch stone which is conveniently close to my base" and i start picking up my shit then WHAM. I GOT RIGGITY REKT AGAIN. AGAIN! AND I LOST THE SAVE. I PUT IN OVER 32 HOURS INTO THESE TWO WORLDS AND IN A SPAN OF 30 SECONDS I DIED TWICE. WHAT DID I DO? WHAT DON'T THEY LIKE ABOUT ME??? I DIDNT FUCK UP ONCE THE DAYS PRIOR.

Screenshot 2015-10-18 03.10.07


it's 3 AM I'm tired i needed to rant

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