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  • Deiaa2002

    Caves are out!

    November 21, 2015 by Deiaa2002

    YES! Caves have been launched live now!

    I found this post in steam today while searching through the store page of the game:

    There are also a lot of new stuff, if you haven't read the post yet, read it for the full notes. This includes: Ruins have been merged with the Caves for now, be careful!

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  • Deiaa2002

    I know this sounds stupid, but I have developed a habit of not updating my games before seeing the update's patch notes.

    I was using Steam to check the updates amd announcments, but now it no longer displays them. I am willing to check them at Klei's site, but I don't seem to find anything about it, perhaps I'm doing something wrong.

    If someone can provide me with a link or tell me how to reach the site, that would be appreciated.


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  • Deiaa2002

    Expected update?

    October 24, 2015 by Deiaa2002

    It's been a really long while since Klei published an update to DST, and by a really long while, I mean a REALLY LONG WHILE.

    Sure, they have a lot on their list, but not even a bug fix update? I'm starting to become a little impatient..

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