I feel the need of integrating our editors into more of a comunity, the other "Fort" discussion seems to have done well, so now let's discuss our Near-Death situations, how can we get better at the game and avoid making drastic mistakes. Here's mine:

I planted ~40 trees right near my base to chop down, luckily I had man-made pig village right bellow it, so I fed 5 pigs to ease the job. It got dark real fast and the pigs couldn't find their way home, so I lit a torch and  showed their way home, but I set up a spider nest near their houses, to get some silk once in a while, They started attacking the spiders and I assisted them, the full moon rose and the damn pigs turned into were-pigs all 5 of them.They killed the spiders, and started attacking me and...I didn't die, I somehow managed to live to the morning with just 4 hp and no armor, but I had honey. So yeah, I just ran in a zig-zag shape to avoid getting hit. Lucky me :D

Now tell me your experience.