Another try to create a community discussion, as most of us know, as of the latest patch the first so-called "boss" has been introduced, the Spider queen. I'm sure everyone has a story to tell about his first or second encounter with the spider queen, so go ahead and write your story down. But anyway here's mine:

As soon as I downloaded the update, I've gone intro my world and spent some time around the spider dens that were already present, but no luck of a queen, I tried scavenging other islands, still had no luck. I said screw it and have gone into making the new weapons. All of them worked out great, especially the fire dart which intriged me, and I have got an idea that could potentially sooner or later help me kill the queen. Anyways I farmed lots of red birds and made 40 firedarts. As I was going back to my primary base, a spider queen spawned, it was easy to kill, no spider warriors  spawned though. The darts did their job good although if their corpse is still on fire, it will burn the eggs, which it did :\ Later I had some stuff to do and ventured off on an island(there were 5 dens close to each other). As I aproach the closest den to my character, a Spider queen spawned, I did have a football helmet but I wasn't enough prepared. I still managed to kill it but I lost my helmet, and as it died, other 2 dens came alive, I start shooting fire darts and guess what, the whole damn forest catches fire (that was a dum move but it didn't bother me since I'm loaded with wood). Before the fire spread onto the other dens, another spider queen spawned, this one started giving birth to spider warriors. I managed to spam them with fire darts and killed one of them (one of which didn't spawn spider warriors). Night came and I made a fire place far from the queens and planned my next moves. Day came fast and I ran for my life spamming fire darts at spiders and as I was running another queen spawned. I stopped for while and spammed it with fire darts and killed it. I finally ran away and gathered more materials and an army of 12 pigs (I had 2 man-made villages). Well, in the end I became victorius with 4 or 5 pigs left alive and half of an Island burnt to the ground, but it was one heck of a challange and it was harder since I didn't update to the hotfix. I may have mistaken some numbers +/- 1 since I was more concerned of not dying then.

Some pics:

Map before incident Image

After Incident Image

Forest after incident Image

UPDATE: I went back to chop down trees for charcoal, and another queen spawned, same story. Current state of the island Image