Hello ladies and gentlemen, good to see you again.

I'll just keep this brief; I need help. I've gotten fairly far into the game now, and I plan to generate a new world using the Teleportato. I am currently at day 120 as Willow, and I have a fairly strong setup at camp; dozens of replanted Grass Tufts and Saplings, an Evergreen farm, an artificial Pig Village, a Spider farm, advanced Farm Plots, and four Bee Boxes (I was going to kill the other dozen or so Beehives in my valley but I have more Honey than I need anyway).

I am set up near some Ponds that I used to make Honey Nuggets and Froggle Bunwich accordingly, but now that my Pig Village has grown I eat almost exclusively the Jerky I get from drying their Meat and sometimes a Dragonpie when I get into a bad fight. The Hounds are usually in large numbers, so my Tooth Trap field takes care of them (likely 50+ traps by now, I lost count).

I am wondering chiefly how I should be preparing for the teleport. So far, my plan is to load my Piggyback with as many raw resources as possible, along with some tools, winter gear, food supplies, and also to premake some basic structures like a Bee Box, Birdcage, and probably at least one Pig House. I wish to play as WX-78 due to his ability to eat gears, since I have a few extra. I'm not sure if there is anything else I want first, since I haven't yet been underground spelunking.

What would you guys recommend I do to properly prepare for this? Please let me know below. Thank you. (I will probably upload a picture soon, to give you a better idea of my camp and world).

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