As you have seen with shipwrecked and hamlet, the singleplayer Don't Starve is no longer being a survival Game based in a dark and desaturated forest, but instead, with every new DLC it's getting more and more vibrant, based on delving into the unknown, wich was fine at first with Shipwrecked, but I don't get it why they had to do the same thing with Hamlet? Why did they had to make a Tropical Island with a patch of a pig village that is based on 17th century europe??

When o first saw the Trailer for Hamlet, I was more hyped than ever, seeing the actual hamlet, thats surrounded by this huge jungle with ruins all over the place, fine they added marshes, and plains with squirrels, but some of the other areas do not even fit, neither with the original world, or with Shipwrecked (to which i find Hamlet very similar lookwise) one. I see the Hamlet world as an oversaturated version of the 2 other DLCs.

My biggest problems with the world are the cork biome and the iron biome, in my opinion, the cork trees should have been more similar to the syrup trees form The Gorge, maybe like a weeping willow even, and not the palm trees from SW, and the biome you find those should have had grass more similar to the grassland biome and not so yellow. Where the iron biome has strong similarities with the rockylands, it also has those purpleish owls that completley destroy the palette of the region, They should have made the land more grey and the entities more yellow.

Now, I do not know the functions on a bunch of items and entities, so i can't really complain about those, but the biomes are dispersed into 2 categories : Tropical & European-ish, which we all can agree are not very similar, the Update failed to bring that transition the others DLCs had and instead it brought an ugly contrast

This is only my opinion however, feel free to share yours ^-^