Hello guys I was thinking about some ideas for "Don't Starve". I was thinking that mabey we could have fences and gates. Also with the recent update (2013 first update :D) that mabey you could be able to stack the land together to make the terrain higher or deeper.Also with that idea i was thinking about stairs that take up 1/3 of a square unit and can be made rotated so u can climb them at any side.I also thought about ladders but I was thinking about haveing them be able to be broken by monsters so you would have to jump down and take damage to get down but one of the biggest resons I desided to write this was to ask if you could first make pumkin lanterns not run out but thay don't come on every 2 days so just to keep it fare and I would also like for thare to be crates that have bigger invontorry slots and can not be broken by the things that take your stuff if You kill nonhostile creatuers and last but is probably not going to be noticed is that I think that you should be able to make buckets  to transfer ponds and I think that you should be able to dig up reeds and bring them to ware you want like with the grass and finaly i think you should be able to have wheet to breed the beefaloe and make them follow you.

Thank you for takeing the time to read this small artical I made, im 11 years old and i never was tault how to spell but im learning so please leave your feedback and add all your ideas in the comments if thay are even thare because i don't completely know how to do all of this so thanks again and leave your feedback and ideas for this great gameand please edit the artical for misspelled words and puncuateion


P.S. im going to make a account soon :D