aka Rafael

  • I live in Campinas, Brazil
  • I was born on June 7
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Some kind of German snake... or else

Hello there and welcome to my page! I'm just a normal Don't Starve fan like everyone else around here, not much to say about myself, BUT here's my random list of random things I like (and hate) in Don't Starve

for some reason

Top 10 animals:

10. Koalefant: Probably the cutest koala-elephant hybrid (and, probably, the only one in the entire universe)

9. Beefalos: Easy source of food, horns, wool, and most importantly... POOP! (seriously it's useful)

8. Glommer: Not the best follower, but still pretty funny

7. Pigs: They're not THAT bad in combat, and they can also be slaughtered for some meat, making them a good food source

6. Rock Lobsters: you wouldn't expect me to put them in this list "wht d hek rk lobters are munsters u n00b go back to skool dat dosnt mak SENSE" see that word there? SENSE? Yeah 1. I hate it 2. That's my page so I DO WHAT I WANT! MWAAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHH!

5. Catcoons: they usually screw my plans so... yeah. BUT THEY'RE STILL CUTE

4. Pengulls: I like to see them CHILLING around ! Hahahahahaha... ha... ha.

3. Pig King: GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Hounds: I like to feel the adrenaline and the epicness of fighting 11 Hounds at once. (again, that's a monster)

1. Chester: Do I have to explain why?

Top 3 best characters:

3. Wendy: Wilson- "Aw! She has a cute little b"- *DED*

2. Woodie: 1) He's probably the nicest person in this entire game

2) His pros are awesome

3) I love cellos

1. Wilson: 'Cuz he's classic

Fashion Melon Woodie

Woodie with a melon

Fashion Melon Wigfrid

Wigfrid with a melon

Fashion Melon Wendy

Wendy with a melon

Fashion Melon Willow

Willow with a melon (still got her awkardly molded hair, do)

Fashion Melon Wes

Wes with a melon

Fashion Melon Wilson

Wilson with a melon (awkwardly awkwardlier than the others)

Fashion Melon Wolfgang

Wolfgang (wimpy, normal and mighty) with melons

Fashion Melon Wickerbottom

Wickerbottom with a melon

Fashion Melon Maxwell

Maxwell with a melon (it's funny how it perfectly attaches to his giant head)

Fashion Melon Webber

Webber with a melon

Fashion Melon WX-78

WX-78 with a melon help meeiiiiii (voice fades)

Fashion Melon

Da legendary MELON!


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