I'm a fairly active editor without a profile pic. Wait, why don't I have a profile pic? I probably should get a profile pic... Whatever, it can wait for tomorrow.

"Yesterday, you said tomorrow. So JUST DO IT"

Go away Shia, you're old.

Anyways, I'm mainly here to fix up idiotic edits and instances of vandalism, such as "Wally likes big fat juicy DICK," as well as various spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and structural errors on edits and around the pages. I can't handle that stuff once I notice it. It REALLY screws with my brain (unless it's obviously deliberate; in those cases, it's fine).


Did it for the points

My favorite website: (Seriously, it's fabulous. Go check it out. I promise it doesn't give you seizures or viruses or anything like that.)

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