aka Nick Pengull

  • I live in MURICA'
  • I was born on April 1
  • My occupation is In home Gaming
  • I am Male

I Love Don't starve Edit

Im glad I joined this wiki, I play don't starve all the time, I might even be adding it as a series on my youtube channel, Who knows... I always want to contribute as much as I can because this wiki really deserves some extra credit ya know?

Favorite things in Don't Starve Edit

Wilson wearing a Top Hat and a Breezy Vest

Wanna Piece Of THIS? Erm... Thats okay I Insist... You don't have too!

Favorite Character; Wilson

Favorite Food; Corn/Pop corn

Weapon; Ham Bat

Main Source of food; Honey, and Berries

Outfitting; Football Helmet, Log Armor.

(Winter: Rabbit Earmuffs, Backpack, and a Beard)

Favorite Mob? Baby tallbird, So Cute :D

Least Favorite? Hounds, So annoying D:<

In Game Screenshots ^.^ Edit


My, Main home base, :P

Spider Tall Bird

My Tallbird egg nabing strategy.

Berrie Farm

My Berry Farm, Its... Its... JELLY!

Idiot Pig Friend

My Pig Friend, Is a IDIOT, Thanks Tree!

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