aka Isabella Lau

  • I live in In the Savanna biome
  • My occupation is ...
  • I am a nature-lover.
Dis is my sandbox random page thingy.

DST Edit

In DST RoG, you will normally find me playing as Wilson. Cause hey, who doesn't want free Beard Hair and insulation in Winter? If you find me in a server, then hello!!! I actually prefer Wigfrid and Wicker when I join other server, or sometimes random, cause I can help others. When in permanent servers, I use Wilson...I never use Logs as fuel anymore...very nice.

Now Edit

I've killed 2 Deerclops (with a friend) and we're preparing for the Queen Bee with, like, I dunno, 35 Bunny hutches...also we're*shrug*

I kill butterflies because I want Butter.

I also have Shipwrecked and I have no idea what some things are. Like what the Gunpowder Barrel thingy is supposed to be used for. And I have currently made it past Mild Season before the Sealnado killed me. And then I tried again. Before I had to kill my Dolphin friend Sushi D: ... why? {Warning- grammar police have not yet detected the following flow chart}

Rainbow Jellyfish-->I kill dem-->Crocodog get angry-->I get angry-->I control F--> I hit Packim Baggins--> Sushi get mad--> I kill Sushi--> I bury Sushi fin-->i use Sushi bottle and eat Sushi-->Sushi was yummy but I sad

I was aiming for the achievement for 60 days. But...the internet went down with 2 days left. RIP

Gallery Edit

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