GJ-Lewis X

  • I live in somewhere around the Southern states of America
  • My occupation is Gaming plus sketching
  • I am Male
  • Bio I'm just a gaming geek who is mainly into horror games, and as well some other non-scary games I like.
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Wilton's Skull

Alas! Poor Wilton!

Hello there! I'm GJ-Lewis (you can call me either GJ or Lewis whatever you choose). I traveled every different wikis only focusing on video games. My Steam profile can be found here.

I already got Don't Starve with the Reign of Giants DLC and Don't Starve Together as well. However, I still haven't installed the Shipwrecked DLC just yet.

To-Do List Edit

  • Replacing 'yous' with the 'player'.
  • Add missing quotes to some articles (such as Frog).

Mobs' Food Damage-Deal Amount Table Edit

Food RotCooked Green Cap
Rotten EggBile-Covered Slop
Cooked Dartfrog Legs
Monster JerkyDurianCooked Blue Cap
Cactus FleshCooked Monster MeatTaffy
PowdercakePoison Dartfrog LegsGummy Cake
Brainy Matter Red CapMonster Meat
Monster Lasagna
Gobbler 50 (Cooked Green Cap) 17 (Cooked Blue Cap) 3 (Red Cap)
Pig 250 25
Merm 250 (Cooked Green Cap) 25 (Red Cap)
Mosling 400 200? 27
Pengull 150 8 (Red Cap)
Buzzard 250 25
Beefalo 1000 13 (Red Cap)

Food Rot
Cooked Green Cap
Monster JerkyDurian
Cooked Blue CapCactus Flesh
Cooked Monster MeatTaffy
Red CapMonster Meat
Gobbler 50 (Cooked Green Cap) 3 (Cooked Red Cap)
Pig 250 25
Merm 250 (Cooked Green Cap) 25
Mosling 400 27 27
Pengull 150 8

Food Bile-Covered Slop Brainy Matter
Gobbler 50
Pig 250
Merm 250
Mosling 400
Pengull 150

Food Cooked Dartfrog Legs Poison Dartfrog LegsGummy Cake
Pig 250
Merm 250
Mosling 400 27
Pengull 150

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