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rezecib calculator (supports Warly!!!) instead of Crock_Pot#Crock_Pot_recipes

What I did and do Edit

My saved work Edit

15 Oct 2016

Navigational templates Edit

Template:Gameplay - it wasn't small before I started, it was splitted in 2 templates "Gameplay mechanics" (player-world interation) and "World" (static world, generation of the world) parts, progress here: User:D1g/Gameplay_mechanic

problem with DS-games that too many things can be included, we might need separate maplates

Multiple games support at DST wiki, Oct 2016 Edit

Glommer Main article: User:D1g/Support_multiple_games

About me Edit

Hello! I was passionate Don't Starve player of the original game. This was one of my main games. I lost count of hours playing it. I used to stream my games sometimes at Twitch babushkamatroshka.

Now I'm newbie in Don't Starve Together.

You can ask me questions about Edit

  • Some internals of the game that useful for gamers (What is Deerclops aggro priority?)
  • About my wiki activity; English isn't my first language obviously. Feel free to rewrite anything without asking permission and don't be afraid of being rude.
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