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  • I live in Georgia
  • I was born on June 4
  • My occupation is playing Video Games
  • I am Male
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Hello . I'm just a guy who plays Don't Starve and wants to contribute to the wiki by making edits here and there. I also created the Inventory page. I absolutely love Don't Starve, and my two favorite characters are WX-78 and Wigfrid.

My current record for days lived is 198. You can tell I am not a hardcore player... but I still love trying not to die any way possible!

I was too late

I was a bit late on that...

I have 1 lucky edit, and it is the 122,000th edit.

I have a YouTube channel. And I might make another Don't Starve series on my channel. Check it out if you like video games and a 14 year old who sounds like a 9 year old doesn't do commentary anymore.


To Do Edit

  • Be active on the wiki again am i right

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