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Blueprint.png This page describes an upcoming or planned feature. The content may be inaccurate and may contain spoilers and other speculations.

The following unimplemented features have a reference in the artwork and/or source code of Don't Starve, its DLCs, and Don't Starve Together.

For features that were once implemented and have since been removed, see Removed Features.

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Shipwrecked icon.png Baby Water Beefalo

Wickerbottom Portrait.png
The young's odor wards off predators. And myself.


Baby Water Beefalo are unimplemented Mobs exclusive to the Shipwrecked DLC. They were teased in art released for the Home Sea Home update. Character quotes exist, and textures have been found in the Hamlet DLC Closed Beta. While Water Beefalo do reproduce, they simply spawn a new adult Water Beefalo instead.

Big Fishing Rod

Wheeler Portrait.png
There's always a bigger fishing rod.


The Big Fishing Rod is an item that, judging by character quotes, is intended to allow players to catch bigger fish, or to catch more fish compared to the regular Fishing Rod. If implemented, it would be found in the Survival Tab and require two Silk and two Twigs to craft with a Science Machine. In the character's examination strings, it is referred to as "bigfishingrod".

Broken Bits and Pieces

Broken Bits and Pieces are objects found in the Ruins. They can be spawned into the game using the spawn code "rubble". When mined, they drop Rocks and Cut Stone, with a small chance of dropping additional Frazzled Wires, Gears, Gems, Nightmare Fuel or Thulecite.

Hamlet icon.png Chicken

Wagstaff Portrait.png
How could such an hilariously inept creature continue to thrive?


The Chicken is an unimplemented, yet fully functional Mob in the Hamlet DLC. It can be spawned via console using the code "chicken". The Chicken is passive and drops a Drumstick upon death. It also has an unused animation for flying up and down similar to Moslings.

Shipwrecked icon.png Clockwork Boats

The game's data contains art assets of mobs that resemble the Clockwork Bishop and Clockwork Rook, except with boats for bodies. Their animations reveal that they were meant to use the same attacks as their land equivalents. These are similar to how the Floaty Boaty Knight is the Shipwrecked DLC's equivalent of a Clockwork Knight.


Fat is a Food category which only contains Butter. It does not exist within the game, but is listed as a value in the cooking.lua files. In the Shipwrecked DLC, Coconuts were also added to this category.

Don't Starve Together icon.png Friend-o-matic

If I had any friends, this could take me to them.


The Friend-o-matic is a structure exclusive to Don't Starve Together that can be spawned via console and has artwork in the files. Character examination quotes suggest it was intended as a mechanism for players to teleport near each other. Its spawn code is "migration_portal". A structure with a similar function, The Lazy Deserter, was added in A New Reign.

Don't Starve Together icon.png Iceberg

Wickerbottom Portrait.png
We ought to steer the ships clear of that.

Wickerbottom, examining an iceberg.

Winona Portrait.png
It's just a lil ice cube now.

Winona, examining a melted iceberg.

In Don't Starve Together characters have quotes for an Iceberg and Melted Iceberg. According to the quotes, these could be icebergs in the Ocean that act as obstacles for boats.

Lava Pit

Good thing it's contained!


A Lava Pit is a naturally spawning object in the Caves looking identical to Nightmare Lights, except for being colorless. It used to be accessible using the spawn code "lavapit", but has since been removed from the game. When destroyed with a Hammer, the Lava Pit would emit light and start to slowly rebuild itself. Once it had rebuilt itself completely, it would no longer act as a light source.

Maxwell's Head

Wendy Portrait.png
He sure has a taste for the dramatic.


Maxwell's Head is an unimplemented feature. Its original purpose was to speak to the player while they go through Adventure Mode.[1] Upon being spawned via the console, Maxwell's Head will say, "You forgot to set a speech", and then, "Go do it.", using Maxwell's speech sound files. Its spawn code is "maxwellhead". Unimplemented Adventure Mode speech lines for Maxwell's Head can be found in the game's strings.



  • "Fine. Just remember that you chose this."


  • "We're not so different, you and I."
  • "That's why I brought you here."
  • "That's why I brought all of them here."
  • "Oh, did you think you were the first?"
  • "HA!"
  • "It's just that..."
  • "I've become accustomed to winning."

Maxwell's Mosquito Trap

Wilson Portrait.png
Bottled mosquito rage!


Maxwell's Mosquito Trap is an unimplemented item that acts in the same way as the Bee Mine, but spawns Mosquitoes instead of Bees and cannot be picked up. It is activated when the player or another mob steps on it, causing the spawned Mosquitoes to attack them. Like Maxwell's Tooth Trap, it was meant to only emerge in Adventure Mode. Its spawn code is "beemine_maxwell".

Hamlet icon.png Peep Hen

Waxwell Portrait.png
You look suspiciously like dinner.


The Peep Hen is an unimplemented Mob in the Hamlet DLC that can be spawned via console using the code "peekhenspawner". It acts similar to Buzzards by circling the skies and swooping down to gather food, attacking the player if they try to steal it from them. It also uses the Buzzard's sounds. Character quotes imply that the Peep Hen may be related to the Peagawk.

Hamlet icon.png Piglets

Piglets are unimplemented mobs exclusive to the Hamlet DLC.

Player Skulls

Player Skulls are items with artwork in the files. The majority of the playable Characters have skulls, as well as some of the Unimplemented Characters. Skulls will not be implemented, as they are only in the game files due to being part of the unlock system in the unreleased game. However, Webber's Skull was added in the Reign of Giants DLC.

On May 6, 2021, the skulls of Warly, Walter, Maxwell, Wigfrid, Winona, Wormwood, and Wurt were added to Don't Starve Together.

Shipwrecked icon.png Poison Frog

Woodie Portrait.png
Keep your poison spit to yourself, eh!


The Poison Frog is an unimplemented Mob in the Shipwrecked DLC, that can be spawned into the game using the spawn code "frog_poison". Poison Frogs are fully functional, able to Poison the player and other mobs by attacking them, and have their own texture. A similar Mob, the Poison Dartfrog, was introduced in the Hamlet DLC, overriding the existing prefab.

Hamlet icon.png Items and Structures in Renovate Tab

Name Recipe Description Spawn Code
Round Window
Oinc.png×8 "Have a look around." window_round
Wilson Portrait.png
Out there is the outside.

Wilson, when examining a Round Window

Hook Shelf
Oinc.png×6 "Get hooked." shelves_hooks
Wilson Portrait.png
A place to hang stuff.

Wilson, when examining a Hook Shelf

Metal Shelf
Oinc.png×6 "Don't mettle with it." shelves_metal
Wilson Portrait.png
A metal place to put stuff.

Wilson, when examining a Metal Shelf

"Character" Tree.png
"Character" Tree
Oinc.png×2 Twigs.png×1 "It's the thought that counts." deco_plantholder_winterfeasttreeofsadness
Wilson Portrait.png
It's bent out of shape over something.

Wilson, when examining a "Character" Tree

Festive Tree (Hamlet).png
Festive Tree
Oinc.png×50 "Pure majesty." deco_plantholder_winterfeasttree
Wilson Portrait.png
Is it that time of year already?

Wilson, when examining a Festive Tree

Shipwrecked icon.png Sea Weed Monster

The Sea Weed Monster is an unimplemented Mob in the Shipwrecked DLC. Art assets for the creature can be found in the game's data under the name "kelpy". There is also concept art from 2016.


The Shopkeeper is an unimplemented feature that can be spawned using the console. It was intended to be an in-game vendor that players could buy recipes and resources from, but ultimately the concept was shelved because it "ruined the mood" of the game.[2]

Clicking on the Shop Keeper will result in crashing the game. Its spawncode is "basic_shop", however, it was removed in the Reign of Giants DLC. There are textures for several different shops in the game files.

Skull Chest

Warly Portrait.png
What an ominous container.


The Skull Chest is a structure that can be spawned via console and has artwork in the files. It is functionally identical to the Chest, except Krampus cannot steal from it. It also appears in the mod called Lost Fragment, a mod made by the developers which was part of the William Carter Puzzles. Its spawn code is "skullchest".

Hamlet icon.png Snap Dragon

Wilba Portrait.png


The Snap Dragon is an unimplemented Mob in the Hamlet DLC that can be spawned via console using the code "snapdragon". It is a neutral Mob spawning Flowers every so often. It is not fully functional yet as it uses the Beefalo's sound effects and crashes the game upon attacking.

Sunk Boat

Wilson Portrait.png
It's no use to me out there!


The Sunk Boat is a structure that can be spawned via console and has artwork in the files. Its spawn code is "sunkboat", however, it will be invisible. A similar object, the Sunken Boat, was added to the game to promote the Shipwrecked DLC.

Don't Starve Together icon.png Target Dummy

The Target Dummy is a structure in Don't Starve Together that can be spawned via console using the spawn code "dummytarget" and has artwork in the files. It is an immortal mob that shows the damage dealt by the player when hit. It shares its artwork with the Meat Effigy.

Tree Clump

Woodie Portrait.png
You're asking for a good chop, bud.


The Tree Clump is an object that can be spawned via console and has artwork in the files. It can not be moved or destroyed and blocks any character from moving past it. Its spawn code is "treeclump".

Shipwrecked icon.png Treeguards

In the game's files, art assets of a Treeguard resembling a Jungle Tree can be found. Concept art from 2016 shows that there was also Mangrove Treeguards being considered. In addition, there is concept art of a "Treeguard" that more closely resembles Krampus wearing a cloak of nautical plant life.

Hamlet icon.png Zeb

Willow Portrait.png
Are horses supposed to only have two legs?


The Zeb is an unimplemented, yet fully functional Mob in the Hamlet DLC. It can be spawned via console using the code "zeb". The Zeb is neutral and uses the Clockwork Knight's animations and attack, however, it has its own sound files. The scripting implies Zeb were meant to live in herds similar to Volt Goats.

Hamlet icon.png Prism Peagawk

The Prism Peagawk is an unimplemented Mob in the Hamlet DLC.

Hamlet icon.png Cooking Spit

The Cooking Spit is an unimplemented Structure in the Hamlet DLC files.

Hamlet icon.png Quake Pillar

The Quake Pillar is an unimplemented Structure in the Hamlet DLC. It might've been an early basalt eruption

Hamlet icon.png Whirlpool

The Whirlpool is an unimplemented hazard in the Hamlet DLC.

Hamlet icon.png Different Toucan

Art assets for an unused bird type resembling a Spoonbill are found in the Hamlet animation files under the name "toucan_hamlet_build".

Don't Starve Together icon.png Fishing Net

Fishin Net was added in one of the beta updates of Return of Them and could even be crafted. It can still be obtained with its "fishingnet" spawn code. Allows the player to receive items that are floating in the sea at a distance. By right-clicking on an item in the sea, the player throws the net and pulls it back in order to get the captured item. If the player tries to catch a bird, then by opening the net, the bird will simply fly away. The player can also catch several items at a time. The item can also remain in your hand if it breaks. Characters only have a sideways animation for using this item. In the game, the network has only a model in hand, and when it is lying on the floor, when the characters are thrown or pulled back by the net, it does not have a model, when the player opens the net, then it has an unfinished model. However, in the game files, you can find completed animations and models

Don't Starve Together icon.png Otter

Otters files were found in Don't Starve Newhome files like many other things.

Otter voice1. -

Otter voice2. -


Wubbin files were found in Don't Starve Newhome files like many other things.


Jiaolian files were found in Don't Starve Newhome files like many other things.

Don't Starve Together icon.png Wargfant

Wargfant files were found in Don't Starve Newhome files like many other things.