Turfs (2)

All turfs in order of priority. Turfs with higher priority will partly cover other turfs.

The ground. You step on it.


Turfs are floor and ground tile items. They can be dug up with a Pitchfork and used for decoration or fuel. Turfs can fuel all structures except the Night Light. Turfs cannot be used to fertilize plants.

Wilson with a Pitchfork and tile digging indicator visible

Turfs generally don't affect Mobs except:

  • Some birds only land on certain turfs and certain seasons.
  • BFB cannot land on rainforest turfs because they have a canopy.
  • Spider nests create a special turf called Sticky Webbing, which slows the player and some Mobs down.

Roads and Trails are not turfs and cannot be moved.

Surface TurfsEdit

Don't Starve, Don't Starve Together, and Reign of Giants have almost the same surface and cave turfs.

Biome Turf Name Code Priority
Forest Forest Turf Forest Turf "turf_forest"
Grasslands Grass Turf Grass Turf "turf_grass"
Marsh Marsh Turf Marsh Turf "turf_marsh"
Rockyland Rocky Turf Rocky Turf "turf_rocky"
Savanna Savanna Turf Savanna Turf "turf_savanna"
Reign of Giants icon Deciduous Forest Deciduous Turf Reign of Giants icon Deciduous Turf "turf_deciduous"
Reign of Giants icon Desert Sandy Turf Reign of Giants icon Sandy Turf "turf_desertdirt"
Don't Starve Together icon Lunar Forest Moon Crater Turf Don't Starve Together icon Moon Crater Turf "turf_meteor"
Don't Starve Together icon Rocky Beach Turf Rocky Beach Turf Don't Starve Together icon Rocky Beach Turf "turf_pebblebeach"

Cave TurfsEdit

If the player digs up a Runic Turf, it will be destroyed.

Biome Turf Name Code Priority
Sunken Forest Mud Turf Mud Turf "turf_mud"
Sunken Forest Slimey Turf Slimey Turf "turf_sinkhole"
Mushtree Forest Fungal Turf Blue Fungal Turf "turf_fungus"
Rocky Plains &

Stalagmite Terrain

Cave Rock Turf Cave Rock Turf "turf_underrock"
Rocky Plains & <p>Stalagmite Terrain Guano Turf Guano Turf "turf_cave"

Craftable TurfsEdit

Craftable turfs can be crafted or found in set pieces.

In Shipwrecked Shipwrecked icon, Puddles cannot spawn on craftable turfs but they can still flood them.

Biome Turf Name Code Priority
Science Machine Wooden Flooring Wooden Flooring "turf_woodfloor"
Alchemy Engine Cobblestones Cobblestones gives the player 30% faster movement. "turf_road"
Alchemy Engine Carpeted Flooring Carpeted Flooring "turf_carpetfloor"
Science Machine Checkerboard Flooring Checkerboard Flooring "turf_checkerfloor"
Alchemy Engine Scaled Flooring Don&#039;t Starve Together icon Scaled Flooring reduces heat. "turf_dragonfly"

Shipwrecked icon Shipwrecked TurfsEdit

Coffee Plant and Elephant Cactus must be planted on ashy, magma, or volcanic turfs, but they can grow on any turf after they have been planted.

Biome Turf Name Code Priority
Jungle Jungle Turf Shipwrecked icon Jungle Turf "turf_jungle"
Magma Field Magma Turf Shipwrecked icon Magma Turf "turf_magmafield"
Tidal Marsh Tidal Marsh Turf Shipwrecked icon Tidal Marsh Turf "turf_tidalmarsh"
Meadow Meadow Turf Shipwrecked icon Meadow Turf "turf_meadow"
Volcano Ashy Turf Shipwrecked icon Ashy Turf "turf_ash"
Volcano Volcano Turf Shipwrecked icon Volcano Turf "turf_volcano"
Alchemy Engine Snakeskin Rug Shipwrecked icon Snakeskin Rug "turf_snakeskinfloor"

Hamlet icon Hamlet TurfsEdit

Nettle can be planted on any turf, but they must be grown on dense or rainforest turfs. The player cannot use a Pitchfork to dig up rainforest turfs.

Biome Turf Name Code Priority
Painted Painted Sand Turf Hamlet icon Painted Sand Turf "turf_painted"
Cultivated Alchemy Engine Cultivated Turf Hamlet icon Cultivated Turf "turf_fields"
Pig City Alchemy Engine Lawn Turf Hamlet icon Lawn Turf "turf_lawn"
Pig City Key to the City Flat Stone Turf Hamlet icon Flat Stone Turf "turf_foundation"
Pig City Key to the City Stone Road Turf Hamlet icon Stone Road Turf gives the player 30% faster movement. "turf_cobbleroad"
Suburbs Mossy Turf Hamlet icon Mossy Turf "turf_moss"
Rainforest Rainforest Turf Hamlet icon Rainforest Turf prevents BFB from landing. "turf_rainforest"
Wild Plains Wild Plains Turf Hamlet icon Wild Plains Turf "turf_plains"
Science Machine Beard Hair Rug Hamlet icon Beard Hair Rug turf_beard_hair"
Alchemy Engine Dense Turf Hamlet icon Dense Turf "turf_deeprainforest_nocanopy"


Marsh 1

One Marsh Turf surrounded by eight Sandy Turfs. The Sandy Turf is dominant, so the Marsh Turf is smaller.

Marsh 8

One Sandy Turf surrounded by eight Marsh Turfs. Again, the Sandy Turf is dominant and larger, despite there being only one.

Turfs with higher priority or "dominance" will partly cover other turfs. For example, a Carpeted Flooring turf will always partly cover a Checkerboard Flooring turf when they are next to each other. Turf priority is purely aesthetic.

The following list starts with the highest priority turf, going to the lowest priority turf.

Don't Starve Edit

Don't Starve Together Edit

Surface Turf Forest TurfGrass TurfSavanna TurfRocky TurfMarsh Turf
(Deciduous TurfSandy Turf Reign of Giants icon) (Jungle TurfMeadow TurfMagma TurfTidal Marsh Turf Shipwrecked icon) (Cultivated TurfFlat Stone TurfLawn TurfMossy TurfPainted Sand TurfRainforest TurfStone Road TurfWild Plains Turf Hamlet icon) (Moon Crater TurfRocky Beach Turf Don&#039;t Starve Together icon)
Cave Turf Mud TurfGuano TurfSlimey TurfFungal TurfCave Rock Turf
Volcano Turf Shipwrecked icon Ashy TurfVolcano Turf
Craftable Turf Wooden FlooringCarpeted FlooringCheckerboard FlooringCobblestones
(Snakeskin Rug Shipwrecked icon) (Beard Hair RugDense Turf Hamlet icon) (Scaled Flooring Don&#039;t Starve Together icon)
Related Sticky WebbingPitchfork

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