Wilson Portrait
Too bad tuber.

Wilson, when examining Tuber.

Willow Portrait
Should be ripe before I burn it.

Willow, when examining Tuber.

Wolfgang Portrait
Is food?

Wolfgang, when examining Tuber.

Wendy Portrait
Will I be dead before it ripens?

Wendy, when examining Tuber.

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when examining Tuber.

Wickerbottom Portrait
It's rather poisonous when it's not ripe.

Wickerbottom, when examining Tuber.

Woodie Portrait
Better not eat it until it's ripe.

Woodie, when examining Tuber.

Waxwell Portrait
Looks unripe.

Maxwell, when examining Tuber.

Wagstaff Portrait
Given my delicate constitution, I'll refrain from eating it raw.

Wagstaff, when examining Tuber.

Wigfrid Portrait
'Tis unripe nön-meat.

Wigfrid, when examining Tuber.

Webber Portrait
I don't think it's ripe yet.

Webber, when examining Tuber.

Walani Portrait
Doesn't look like it's ripe.

Walani, when examining Tuber.

Warly Portrait
Ah. It is not ripe yet.

Warly, when examining Tuber.

Woodlegs Portrait
Give ya a bout of scury that.

Woodlegs, when examining Tuber.

Wilba Portrait

Wilba, when examining Tuber.

Wormwood Portrait
Not ready

Wormwood, when examining Tuber.

Wheeler Portrait
How adventurous am I feeling?

Wheeler, when examining Tuber.

Wilson Portrait
I wonder if it's still poisonous?

Wilson, when examining Fried Tuber.

Willow Portrait
Fire: it always makes things better.

Willow, when examining Fried Tuber.

Wolfgang Portrait
Is good food?

Wolfgang, when examining Fried Tuber.

Wendy Portrait
Perhaps I'm lucky and it's still poisoned.

Wendy, when examining Fried Tuber.

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when examining Fried Tuber.

Wickerbottom Portrait
I suspect the poison has not been cooked out.

Wickerbottom, when examining Fried Tuber.

Woodie Portrait
Nothing fancy, just some tubers.

Woodie, when examining Fried Tuber.

Waxwell Portrait
Ugh. Should I even eat this?

Maxwell, when examining Fried Tuber.

Wagstaff Portrait
Even the stems are edible when they are cooked.

Wagstaff, when examining Fried Tuber.

Wigfrid Portrait
Fire does nothing to make it edible!

Wigfrid, when examining Fried Tuber.

Webber Portrait

Webber, when examining Fried Tuber.

Walani Portrait
Can I eat it now?

Walani, when examining Fried Tuber.

Warly Portrait
"Not my best work.

Warly, when examining Fried Tuber.

Woodlegs Portrait
Not m'usual grub.

Woodlegs, when examining Fried Tuber.

Wilba Portrait

Wilba, when examining Fried Tuber.

Wormwood Portrait
Good now

Wormwood, when examining Fried Tuber.

Wheeler Portrait
A nice meal of tubers.

Wheeler, when examining Fried Tuber.

Tuber is a Vegetable Food Item exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. It can be found on a Tuber Tree, when hacked with a Machete or Luxury Machete. Each hacked Tree yields up to 3 Tubers, with 3 Machete hits for each Tuber. Tubers are poisonous due to the fact they are not ripe; they are found in this state in Temperate and Humid Season.

Raw Tuber restores 12.5 Hunger Meter and 10 Health Meter when eaten and takes 20 Days to spoil. Fried Tuber restores 18.5 Hunger Meter and 3 Health Meter when eaten and takes 6 Days to spoil, and they can also be used as fuel. However, the player will get poisoned while eating them, either raw or fried.

Tuber cannot be used as an ingredient in the Crock Pot.

Blooming Tuber Edit

Wilson Portrait
It's a blooming tuber!

Wilson, when examining Blooming Tuber.

Willow Portrait
The flower means it's ripe.

Willow, when examining Blooming Tuber.

Wolfgang Portrait
Wolfgang like little flower.

Wolfgang, when examining Blooming Tuber.

Wendy Portrait
Pretty flower.

Wendy, when examining Blooming Tuber.

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when examining Blooming Tuber.

Wickerbottom Portrait
It should still be cooked.

Wickerbottom, when examining Blooming Tuber.

Woodie Portrait
Well it's ripe now.

Woodie, when examining Blooming Tuber.

Waxwell Portrait
At least it's edible.

Maxwell, when examining Blooming Tuber.

Wagstaff Portrait
Strange. It has the faint scent of solanine.

Wagstaff, when examining Blooming Tuber.

Wigfrid Portrait
'Tis ripe nön-meat.

Wigfrid, when examining Blooming Tuber.

Webber Portrait
Does this look ripe to you?

Webber, when examining Blooming Tuber.

Walani Portrait
'Tis the season for tubers.

Walani, when examining Blooming Tuber.

Warly Portrait
The perfect ripeness.

Warly, when examining Blooming Tuber.

Woodlegs Portrait
What can I make of ye?

Woodlegs, when examining Blooming Tuber.

Wilba Portrait

Wilba, when examining Blooming Tuber.

Wormwood Portrait

Wormwood, when examining Blooming Tuber.

Wheeler Portrait
It's ripe. Well ripe-ish.

Wheeler, when examining Blooming Tuber.

Wilson Portrait
Did I cook the flower too?

Wilson, when examining Fried Blooming Tuber.

Willow Portrait
Aw. The flower didn't even burn.

Willow, when examining Fried Blooming Tuber.

Wolfgang Portrait
Wolfgang eat.

Wolfgang, when examining Fried Blooming Tuber.

Wendy Portrait
Should I eat the flower too?

Wendy, when examining Fried Blooming Tuber.

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when examining Fried Blooming Tuber.

Wickerbottom Portrait
Cooked tubers are a staple in many cultures.

Wickerbottom, when examining Fried Blooming Tuber.

Woodie Portrait
Well that's fancy.

Woodie, when examining Fried Blooming Tuber.

Waxwell Portrait
Looks... edible?

Maxwell, when examining Fried Blooming Tuber.

Wagstaff Portrait
Ah, the petals of the corolla are a nice touch.

Wagstaff, when examining Fried Blooming Tuber.

Wigfrid Portrait
I care not if it is cooked.

Wigfrid, when examining Fried Blooming Tuber.

Webber Portrait
Remember French Fries?

Webber, when examining Fried Blooming Tuber.

Walani Portrait
Oh. I was hoping for some fries.

Walani, when examining Fried Blooming Tuber.

Warly Portrait
Something I just whipped up.

Warly, when examining Fried Blooming Tuber.

Woodlegs Portrait
A fine meal fer a fine fellow.

Woodlegs, when examining Fried Blooming Tuber.

Wilba Portrait

Wilba, when examining Fried Blooming Tuber.

Wormwood Portrait
Hello flower friend!

Wormwood, when examining Fried Blooming Tuber.

Wheeler Portrait
So good I'll even eat the flower.

Wheeler, when examining Fried Blooming Tuber.

Blooming Tuber is a Vegetable Food Item found on Blooming Tuber Trees during Lush Season.

Raw Blooming Tuber restores 12.5 Hunger Meter and 10 Health Meter when eaten and takes 20 Days to spoil. Fried Blooming Tuber restores 18.5 Hunger Meter, 3 Health Meter and 5 Sanity Meter when eaten, and takes 6 Days to spoil, and they can also be used as fuel. As it is ripe, it will not poison the player anymore.

Just like Tuber, Blooming Tuber cannot be used as an ingredient in the Crock Pot.

Icon Tools UsageEdit

Fire Pit
Fried Tuber


Flytrap Stalk
Science Machine
Bug B'Gone
Blooming Tuber
Fire Pit
Fried Blooming Tuber

Prototype TipsEdit

  • WX-78 is able to eat unripe Tubers as they are not affected by Poison.
  • Since Pigs will eat any food left on the ground, one can drop an unripe Tuber near a Pig Guard, poisoning it and making it easier to kill it.
  • As Blooming Tubers are only abundant during the Lush Season they allow one to easily stockpile food using Bundling Wraps.
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