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The Totally Normal Tree is a Tree found in the Forest Biome. It can be chopped down, giving the player 2 Living Logs. The player can then use a Shovel to dig up the stump to gain an additional Living Log. If burned, it will drop Charcoal when chopped just like other Trees.

These trees will have a randomized number of Evil Flowers growing near them. When cutting it down, it will make a groaning/moaning noise with every chop.

Don't Starve Together icon.png Don't Starve Together[]

In Don't Starve Together, Totally Normal Trees have a 25% chance to drop a Clean Sweeper when cut down.

During the Hallowed Nights event, the Arboretum Experiment can be conducted to plant a Totally Normal Tree.

Prototype.png Tips[]

  • When chopped down and dug up, a single Totally Normal Tree will provide enough Living Logs to craft a Shadow Manipulator, without having to summon a Treeguard.

Mosquito.png Bugs[]

  • Burning a Totally Normal Tree's stump will turn it into a Burnt Totally Normal Tree instead of dropping an Ash. These burnt Trees cannot be chopped down; one must use a Shovel to dig it up and receive 1 Charcoal.

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