Deiaa2002 wrote: You don't listen, do you? This wiki is different from the BL wiki.

The issue here is not your ideas, and pointing to article histories did absolutely nothing helpful.

I've played (and finished) Borderlands, and it's obviously a completely different game. The way its wiki works suits the way the game works. Don't try to apply the BL wiki's layout and methods of organization and style here, because it won't work. You are basically trying to make apples grow on a banana tree this way.

- Deiaa (Wall)

YOU raised topic "my faults at BL wiki". Not about organization of THIS wiki.

Blaming me is a priority, not discussion how to organize wiki.

You start pointless off-topic in Thread:162467#13 you're not able explain. But I understand every "fault" behind every request.

I had hundreds thousands of conversations at MAIN space, at TALK pages, via REMOVED pages (using "Speedy delete templates", "delete templates"), via USER PAGES.

Other users contributed in the same way. Discussion only something really serious (undoing recent work).

You're terrible admin if you judge person by incoming messages at his wall. These are incoming requests, not communication of that person with community.

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