Spiderdian2 wrote:

If infobox creates cateogries, it should NOT be used multiple times per title.

All the pages that do have multiple infoboxes had their reasons explained. Can you show the ones that have absolutely no reason to exist?

Try imagine, you create a poll to decide if the main page will have non-game-related stuff from now on, but there's no "sane" people among the hundreds deciding. What will end up happening is a endless mess that might or might not ruin the presentation of the wiki.
Random changes and ideas - yes! Great!

Missing content at main page? Great!

Get front page spammed with viagra ads - protect page, unlock afterwards.

Mess no, thank you. This idea is pushed by O-N-E user who fixes "mess" after "others"

I can have strong points, but I'm not uncivil to THIS level:

Red link is removed because it is not making a positive contribution to the wiki. You are literally creating problems for other people to fix. You are basically saying: "This page should exist. I'll create the link, meh, it's now somebody else's problem to deal with. My work here is done."

I will propose my idea, maybe aggressively. Maybe because I want to implement changes and not because I'm "aggressive"?!

I would never call other party creating mess.

A fancy call to Deia or Stl to sit down and talk maturely without Capslocking or hyperlinking everything would give you a chance of being taken seriously.
If we had respectable discussions in the first place, maybe.

Maybe I would consider them as trustworthy editors if they simply discussed matters and not harassed me with "policies".

So terrorbreak (O-N-E) will likely to continue this BS when I leave wiki.

Spiderdian2 wrote:

I'll much likely not respond the next quotes today, since I'm now completely focused in speeding up my To Do list

No problem, your perspective was way more fresh that "you don't follow established policies yadyaada" - thanks!
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