BraisedEggplant wrote: Okay this is getting crazy, I have been reading and following your actions and you are clearly not listening/trying to create drama.

I want to discuss policies and no to listen "policies were discussed. you don't reading/following them. the end"

Asking for a discussion about something that was previously discussed or not is not drama.

BraisedEggplant wrote:

1) You mentioning the code of conduct is laughable when you are talking to everyone in such a condecending way.
I intended to said that wiki conventions (not conduct) were undiscussed. At least with me. Every time I start a discussion, they imminently quit "You don't understand/listen again".

I was patient enough while listening to all of this, but nothing lasts forever.

What were you trying to proves?
If you understand every dialogue as problem... Yes, we had have many problems. Can you provide single "problem" or drama from Borderlands space? Conduct policies at BL were always much MUCH more permissive and practical than this wiki.

Discussions occured only on something really serious. Nobody cared about styling issues or categories or naming conventions beforehand.

They discussed only when they didn't work, not when everything works.

Everything works - let's have a discussion first.

BraisedEggplant wrote:

3) to the way this wiki work.
Was it discused to use mutliple info-box templates with single page titile?

No changes in templates and categories without discussions beforehand is a rule?!! Where it was discussed?

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