Spiderdian2 wrote: So....Since you've exposed how GREAT you are throughout the many dram- discussion walls you've been present, could you explain PRECISELY what's wrong in this wikia that's (gasp) clearly not the bordelands one

I doubt it is possible without being too personal. I understand your dra remark. I will stop or give move time for others if it is scenery.

Even this wiki was "online" for a long time, procedures are NOT established, as O-N-E editor insists.

I ask for discussions about "established procedures", but get no link to past discussions. Were they discussed off-line? It should be settled on-line (e.g. on forum once) and with bigger delay during discussion.

1. One infobox per title. Overview page(s) for groups of objects (Weapons). 2. No made-up rules during discussion. 3. No "I'm just an admin here" - this is irrelevant to every question other than direct admin requests. we all "editors" here. Read code of conduct if you question this.

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