• I actually feel none of the RoG pages should be in any category except for "Upcoming Features". This will make it a lot easier, since we won't have to revert any category changes at a later time, and people that don't constantly visit the wiki will be less confused when for instance they see that the Eyebrella is a mob dropped item one time, and later they find out they have to craft it when the DLC comes out.

    At the very least, we should emphasise that all the content is subject to change, especially (in the case of the boss items) when it was already confirmed that it's only temporary.

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    • A good long time ago, before you were on the wiki and before I was a rollback there was a small edit war about new content around the games new versions. We kept undoing edits that were at the time unconfirmed. Even though we had to change it all the next day anyway we kept removing peoples edits because that version was not live yet.

      That said, pages should pertain to the current version primarily with a note that it is subject to change since the average user will only want to know about the current version, not the next one that isnt live yet. So in the current version it is a drop item and not a craftable item. For now it is in the plans that these things will be crafted instead but we don't know when or if that wont change again so theres the risk it could be in limbo and we are constantly waiting for the change to go live and it may never happen because they decided against it and didnt tell us.

      So in my opinion they oughta have the current content first, mention it may change if we know it may change at the top, say in the page itself what it will become if we know what it will become, but still keep the article itself relevant to the current version.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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