• The spawning "hound atack" of the Depth Worms should be reduced, because the first time I came in the caves, 5 depth worms spawned on me 5 seconds after.

    Ya kind of annoys me.

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    • Depth worms spawning in LARGE amounts...hmmm, maybe you could mod it?

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    • Yeah, it can get to be a much sometimes, if you are able to separate them, they are much easier to deal with.

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    • Once the most amount of enemies in a wave is reached, hounds have a MAX of 1500 health between the 10 hounds, if they're all regular hounds, which they won't be. Meanwhile, a maxed out wave of Depth worms always has 5400 health between the 6 of them. WTF KLEI?!?!?

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    • Caves are supposed to be much more dangerous.  They're also completely optional; if you can't deal with the depths worms just stay out of the caves.

      ETA: I'm deleting your other post with the exact same text.  Avoid crossposting.

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    • I have spent 50 days in a cave on a world where I was already over 400+ days on the surface. Previous to this I had spent about 5 days in a cave without knowing anything about it and ended up dying to a loop bug where I could not leave and died of starvation (PS4).

      On this run I read through all of the articles here on the subject and the main ones of concern were the insanity preps and the Depth Worms.

      For insanity, I got a Tamoshanter (which I lost in a death the other day and will replace) and an extensive camp in a very good location on the map. Food is not an issue and I can keep up with plenty of supplies as needed.

      For the Depth Worms I died to them primarily (baring the 2 times I kept forgetting to NOT have meat on me near Bunnymen) because I did not have any real tactics in order to deal with them.

      It is all about prepping, keeping to your plan and patience.

      On the surface the hounds are easy to deal with. Even if you are caught out in the open with no real supplies with night falling and far from where you need to be, you can simply run away from the hounds using a torch till you get to enough 'other' targets for them or your trusty beefalo/pigs.

      Below, the worms have a unique AI that require a little more thought.

      1) They will attack Chester first if they run across him. If you load up chester with bees or use him as a filter, you can lower down the numbers by wounding and/or kiting off one at a time. 2) They have a 'roaming range' of sorts. If you out run them for a few seconds they 'go home' and stay in a general area. By having a cleared out area of only Light Flowers you can run there as soon as you hear the roars and then run away leaving them there. You can then bring lobsters (or have lobsters already there) to deal with them. 3) Try not to fight them in your main base. It gets messy when your main base is inundated with worms + nightmare creatures + frogs + etc. The more you can plan ahead to have the worms away from the camp the better it is for you in the long run. 4) Be patient. Trying to tank a worm and hoping to time it/jam it was it comes up will end up wearing you down more than necessary. Just take a swing or 2, step back, wait for it to come up and attack and then take 1-2 more swings. 5) When you have more than 1 worm on you, unless you are really patient, it is better to run off and find a distraction for at least 1. To make sure you can always do this, have your lantern up to 50%+ at all times and equip it to run towards something that can help. Generally this is an issue when you get caught being lazy or away from the base. Usually you should run straight to your Rock Lobsters as soon as you hear the roars.

      I have not died to worms in quite a while now. The only thing that kills me is Bunnymen (the bastards) and when I get totally screwed up by frogs+worms+nightmares all at the same time right in the middle of trying to stock up or when the sanity is a bit low.

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    • It's good to hear people who triumph over the worms rather than complaining about them, but one part of what you say has me confused... where are all the frogs coming from that you mention?

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    • I had issues at first but found that the worms are not really that big of a deal if you stay prepared. The key is always being able to/ready to run off into the darkness at any time (if needed) and knowing where your Rock Lobsters are.

      The lobsters make quick work out of the worms. By running past the RL's the chances are that one of the worms will end up attacking one, which will mean that it will get killed pretty quick. Repeat this with 1-2 more and you can usually deal with the remainder.

      Since they will target Chester you should use that to your advantage. Not to do damage (although the bee trick works well but is hard to sustain) but to break the pack up. Once you are 1 on 1 with a worm here are some tips,

      1) They come up THEN attack, stay away till they close their teeth but stay close enough to attack.

      2) If they stay in the same spot then you can jam it on the next attack and get in a few free swings.

      3) BUT if they move forward do not try to jam it since it will do full attack and your chances of getting hit go way up.

      4) Use a Ham Bat or Tentacle Club if you have one. If not then the Dark Sword is just as good but requires for you to recover sanity afterwards.

      5) If another worm targets you drag them to the RL's to break them up again and get a 1 on 1 going.

      Following this ^^^ I have not died to worms in a pretty long time although I have died while worms were attacking because an earthquake, mad bunnymen and nightmares all collided at the same time.

      A quick tip/note on how to use the Rock Lobsters to your advantage.

      Make a block (4 square) of stone walls. "Repair" them to the highest point. Now wait for earthquakes, once one happens where a rock of any kind lands on top of the pillar/walls the RL's will walk towards the wall 100% of the time ignoring everything else around them. In this way you can have a captured audience of RL's in a place of your choosing to use as defense.

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    • As to the frogs.  I built my main base in a sun light spot over a frog pond.  Everyday it spawns 3 frogs.  If RLs are in the base area they generally kill them off.  If I circle the pond with 20-30 traps they get filled up and eventually the frogs stop spawning and you have tons of legs to draw from.

      What this means is between the 20 monster meats you get from worms (half going to egg making) and the frog legs, it is very easy to keep 10-15 crock pots with Bacon and Eggs and 3-6 in your inventory at all times.  This is assuming you made a Bird Cage and the crock pots.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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