• Sounds like you've taken a liking to constructing TEX files, so if you're up to it we could use the clean images of the Broken Clockworks.  My arm suffers from a repetitive strain injury and I think constructing these would be too much for my arm to handle.  The pieces can be found in

    ETA: Just remembered I was also going to mention the need for a clean image of the shadow Splumonkey.  Those can be found in

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    • Sure, but im not really good at it, like the wee tusk, i tried to make it to be high quality but wont work, his arms and some parts of legs are missing, ill take a loog and try!

      EDIT: Sorry, but i cant, im dont really know which parts to put, and im not used to put in small parts of stuff, sorry but when your arm will be fixed, you may do it!

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    • Thanks for giving it a shot.

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    • Shoggoth1890 wrote:
      Thanks for giving it a shot.

      Hey, i just did cave entrances, and i cant find the ancient pseoudoscience station..

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    • An anonymous contributor
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