• I've thought of another question for you. At the bottom of most pages is a section that says Read More, and has three randomly related articles to the one you're reading. On many of these articles, the image displayed is not the one from the infobox, or even the first image on the page, but a seemingly random one found elsewhere in the article. For other pages no image is given at all; instead the first line of the article is quoted. Do you have any idea how to make the infobox image (at least when available) show up here?

    When I was working on the Tribes Wiki I'm sure this never happened, the image down there was always the one in the infobox; in fact I made a point of fixing all the pages so they looked more uniform. Those infoboxes however did not automatically call for an image based on the pagename, which I suspect has somethng to do with this.

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    • Well here is what I have found:

      The image chosen is generally the first image on the page 
      that satisfies these criteria:
      *Larger than 75px by 75px ''(size on File: page is what counts, 
      not how it displays on the page)''
      *Used 10 times or fewer on the wiki
      *One of the first 50 used on the page
      *''Not'' an SVG

      That information is directly from a Wikia staff members blog detailing the technology behind the imageserver .  Since almost all of our item and food based infoboxes use 64px images, they would never be picked up by the imageserver to be utilized in the related articles tab (or anywhere else Wikia may show featured content).  

      This can be remedied in a couple of ways. One way is to place an image of the appropriate size as high up on the page as possible for every page missing a photo.  This is going to be hard to test because of the ridiculously slow caching mechanism of the wiki software... I would suggest write down 10 articles, go and make the changes, then come back to the first one and see if its fixed the issue.  From what I understand, sometimes the cache can take over 24 hours to recache everything - sometimes it won't recache at all without being forced (I am looking into an extension for the wiki that will allow admins to force refresh - which would be AWESOME..)

      The other way to fix it would be to modify the inventory background image to be 75px, and manually force each item in the infoboxes to 75px. I think either method will require some work, and we will have to experiment to see which way will benefit us the most. Personally, in the viewpoint of keeping everything fluid, changing the infoboxes would make things look the best - but I believe would encompass the largest amount of work.

      I will look into it more tomorrow. I had my surgery today, and I am pretty doped up on Percocet right now - not to mention in a LOT of pain. Tomorrow I am hoping for a better (more comfortable lol) day!

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    • Wow, thanks for taking the time to look at that after surgery. I'm guessing it went well? I hope so. Sorry to hear how painful it is, get well soon buddy!

      Now that I know that information I can look into it more as well, maybe think up an easier solution. Thank you!

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    • All seemed well when I left the hospital yesterday - today is another story... I am in an absolutely ridiculous amount of pain. The Percocet is not even scratching the surface pain-wise, and I can't get the surgeons office to give me something stronger (they say there is nothing stronger available - I know better though..)  I will try to be on here when I can - I just wanted you to know whats going on right now in case I seem MIA for a bit.  Once the pain index is down, I will get back into full swing again.  If you have Skype or Yahoo Messenger, you can add me on there if you just want to chat for any reason - I'll still be on the computer anyways.

      Yahoo - Krayzie_Trucker      and      Skype - Krayziepop

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    • Don't worry about us, take care of yourself! I'm really sorry to here you're not doing well, and I hope you can get something better soon.

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    • For when you are feeling better: I just noticed the infoboxes aren't showing the brown inventory background anymore. Did you do that on purpose or is it a bug?

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    • Nope - as a matter of fact it appears that Mr Ronald28 felt he needed to remove the background image from the Item Infobox... not sure why, but thats why its borked up right now.

      Item Infobox change

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    • Actually... he may be one of the users using a browser that is rendering incorrectly. If so, he might believe that the inventory background image isn't supposed to go in there.  I haven't had the time to check on a remedy for this yet, but I feel pretty confident thats what happened. 

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    • An anonymous contributor
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