• So something very weird happened, I don't think it's mod related even though the krampi did spawn due to the krampusnacht mod but I'll just explain very briefly what happened. A krampus spawned in this little pen I made which was to bait gobblers which was surrounded by bery bushes, it's THAT pen and I broke a piece of the fence so that I can get to him and kill him because he was the last krampus and I was hoping to get the sack but instead, after breaking that fence, he did the animation of stealing an item (which was a twig because the fence dropped a twig) and out of nowhere I got teleported all the way to the deciduous biome when I was originally in the dragonfly desert biome. I thought he stole me and teleported me because I think I was right on the twig but still, it was very weird, and no I didn't find him therefore missed out on a krampus sack because of a damn glitch ;(

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