• So I've been trying for months to kill the friggin dragonfly, by every method in the book. I've blown her up with more than enough gunpowder (twice, almost 200 gp each time and carefully placed with the aid of a pan flute), boxing in mobs to stunlock, aggro and nothing works. In my last world I hit her with gp (200ish is way overkill) and after she just took it like a champ, I proceeded to go at her like a spider monkey with a hambat, 22 marble suits (yes 22) 15 football helmets, 6 gears (I was a maxed out wx-78) and a few life giving amulets. I died 4 times, revived myself with the touchstones and amulets, used my gears as needed as well as several crockpot recipes for health regen only to have my own skeleton block my stonewall repair but still allow the lavae in after lulling me into a false sense of security. This thing will not die. By my low estimations I dealt it about two-three times its health on numerous occasions and made zero progress. Trying to get the achievements and this one is my water temple. Can anyone help or is my game buggy?

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    • was this in ds or dst? 

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    • An anonymous contributor
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