• Hey there. I noticed that the wiki doesn't have Discussions enabled, and wanted to bring forward the proposal to you and the rest of the staff regarding it. It is essentially a place where fans of Don't Starve - not just editors - can converse and interact about the game and its expansions. It wouldn't conflict with the wiki's already existing content, rather it would be a social extension to the wiki. Obviously, this is a bit of a different feature so I am very interested in hearing the wiki staff's opinions about this feature. If you have any questions about it, please let me know, and I can try to answer them.


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    • Hi there, I just wanted to follow up with you about this feature, and what the wiki staff's thoughts were on this. If you'd like, I can notify the other admins about this as well so there can be some discussion about this feature. Please let me know what you think. Thank you!

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    • There is already a forum maintained by Klei.

      It is very active and also frequented by programmers themselves, this gives a good visibility to feedback and early access to fresh news.

      I do not see which extra benefits wiki Discussions can provide .

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    • dabs repeatedly

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    • Hey there, sorry for not getting back to you about this earlier.

      This community already uses a very active and extensive, developer-maintained forum as its main hub. Additionally, there a multiple Discord servers, a large Reddit community and the Steam forums (that I know of). I don't really see how this wiki would benefit from creating yet another platform for discussing Don't Starve (especially since discussion on this wiki is mostly limited to comments of questionable value which are already a chore to moderate).

      I'd therefore be opposed to enabling Discussions for this wiki, but I'd also like to hear what the other admins think about this.

      - MMueck

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    • MMueck
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    • Hey there, thanks for getting back to me, and apologies for the late response.

      I completely understand your concerns. My main approach with Discussions is it might divert the article comments to there while also being an inlet of potential editors to the main wiki -- it's worth noting that additional discussion moderators from the Fandom side could be brought in to help moderate Discussions. Additionally, it would all be contained within Fandom so new users would have the convenience of staying on one platform. Discussions could also serve as a place for readers to suggest changes to the wiki, where it might not be appropriate to in the discussion channels that you mentioned.

      These are simply some ideas that I just wanted to throw out there. Obviously you know your community best and I will support whatever you guys decide upon. If you don't mind, I have messaged the other admins about this thread for their input and feedback.

      Lastly, thank you for your feedback!

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    • While I understand the convenience of staying on one platform, it seems a bit redundant to create another space for discussion when there are already many well-developed ones out on the web. 

      However, as for benefiting the wiki, the addition of Discussions may bring more users, but nothing is certain. I agree with the statement that more moderators could be brought in to negate the new platform's usage, but it seems to me that not much more can be said on Discussions that isn't already said in comments or on other users' walls. 

      - Luvian22 (talk)

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    • First off, I'd like to apologize for the late reply.

      I share MMueck and Luvian's concerns. The Discussions feature, while it might (might) bring in more users, I do not see any real benefit from enabling it. As MMueck mentioned, the game's official forum is the community's main hub as of now, and there are numerous other platforms that serve the same purpose, and are already well-known and widely used. It seems quite redundant to create yet another one.

      The wiki's main purpose is largely just an encyclopedia of everything related to the game. A collection of information presented in a quickly navigable and understandable way, and it pretty much cemented its role as such among the community. The only discussions that really take place in the current wiki forum are almost always about the site and its maintainenece, rather than game mechanics and strategies, and I don't see any real purpose in pushing the wiki to be a platform for those as well.

      I believe doing so will most likely either end in it never happening because the wiki isn't as attractive or popular and well-known as other platforms when it comes to this role, especially the official Klei forums, or push the wiki further away from its role as a Don't Starve encyclopedia and from people handling it as such, which might impact its ability to stay up-to-date or general article quality due to the additional moderation required.

      - Deiaa (Wall)

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    • Hey there, thanks for the response! I completely understand your reasoning and really appreciate the explanation.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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