• Right now, I'm in the first Summer of my current save in DST, so i decided to hide out in the caves. I came across the Ruins entrance, which i already knew about, but i've never been inside because i got so friggin scared. So far I've died a total of 3 times (thank g0d i had extra amulets) and I had to enable a mod that makes abigail somewhat invincible, just to deal with all the nightmares. Does anyone have some tips for going into the ruins? Any recommended gear i should use? 

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    • I'd recommend only taking short trips, until you get more accustomed to the enemies and environment. Try and only go in during dusk or night, since there won't be any sinkholes anyways and Abigail's damage will be amplified.

      Depending on how confident you are with dodging enemies, you may want to forgo using a Backpack , so that you can have some decent armour on while exploring, just in case you get snuck up on.

      As for equipment, a Miner Hat is better than a Lantern  for light, so you won't have to drop it anytime you need to use your hand slot for something else. Having a Lantern as well though is a good idea because then you can drop it and swap to some head armour if needed for more difficult combat.

      My personal #1 priority would be to have a Walking Cane, that way you can explore more quickly and you'll have a better chance at running if you get overwhelmed.

      A good way to avoid the Dangling Depth Dwellers is to press yourself right up against the side of the terrain. If you're pressed as far as possible, the webbing won't detect you and you can just walk on by. Be careful though, because some followers can trigger the webbing, I don't know if Abigail does, but if you have Hutch with you, he most certainly would.

      In general, bring the bare necessities, and be sure to have some way to resurrect, just in case you die again.

      Good luck and keep exploring!

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    • Thanks for the tip, the technique for the Dangling Depth Dwellers eally helped when I was in the Labyrinth. Also, the walking cane SERIOUSLY helped a bunch, because despite the mod I had for Abigail, the swarm of enemies almost killed her, but I was able to get away from them and have her follow me. Thanks so much for your help!

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    • Glad I could help! If you ever have any questions, feel free to post any on my wall, I'm on here almost every day, so I'll be sure to get back to you when I see them.

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