• Hey, it's Terra M Welch from the Klei forums, I was just wondering if you'd be able to update information on this wiki involving DST's insulation mechanic based on some more accurate information.

    Currently I've been called out by a user on the forums being told my information is incorrect, when it is not so, I've tested the temperature and insulation mechanics quite extensively in DST and found out that my info on that thread is more accurate to how it works in DST then this wiki's info on it.

    If you or any other big contributor to this wiki could update the info related to that, that would be nice.

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    • Hello Terra, I did see your post on the insulation mechanic. You are completely correct regarding the lack of accurate DST info on this wiki, it's something we need to work on for sure. Looking at the Overheating/Freezing pages, I see that they are ridiculously outdated. And I have to admit, I'm struggling to figure out how to incorporate DST specific info. These mechanics are complicated and I'm not confident in doing it justice. But I am going to try, and hopefully other contributors who are more privy to this can help too.

      Thank you for sharing this info, and helping to correct the wiki's mistakes. ^-^

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    • Hey Terra, thanks for bringing this to our attention!

      Have you considered creating a wiki account and helping us provide more accurate DST info since you're kind of the expert on the topic now? Wiki editing isn't hard and is actually quite fun. And we could always use more help, especially from someone who is able to take a look at the details and verify information.

      - MMueck

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    • An anonymous contributor
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