• what if webber is an older man, like a scientist, but his experiment with a spider went horribly wrong, and the two merged, two minds sharing a body? that would have a devestaing effect on someones mental health, and that would explain the low sanity, goofy examination quotes, but somtimes the sciency adult side comes in. take the sleep dart for example "Airborne sleeping agent." what eight year old would say that? and the pan flute "A well constructed instrument" darn good vocab for an eight year old! burnt meat effigy: "It will be of no use to us in that state." walking cane: "One more point of contact won't slow us down." see what I mean? give me your theories on webber. if you agree, great! if not, why so?  

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    • I still think he's a little boy. They've committed to the narrative enough that I don't see any reason to doubt it. Children using big words isn't so strange, he might have picked it up from his parents or the other survivors.

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    • yeah, I guess

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    • but its still cool to think

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    • I think he is a little kid still

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    • yeah,

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    • 10, i believe

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    • i also have to put in my input if i may...

      I have a couple theories/stories about Webber...

      Webber, a long while ago and not in the Constants, was a boy about 9 years old. He lived in Great Britain(?) with his mother, father, and grandfather on a farm. His father was a goat farmer. His mother was a good to decent cook that made him eat all his food. His grandfather was named Wallace(?) and was much more british than the rest of the family(?) and often took Webbr fishing. Wallace(?) also owned a cat named Whiskers, whom Webber liked to pull the tail of. Webber liked to play toys as well. One day while he was playing with his toys (or something) a spider, aound the size of him, dropped down and ate him. But instead of dying, Webber stayed alive and still could move around and think, although everyone, except for maybe his family, shunned him. Dis-heartened, he sought out help, and eventually found a man that said he could help him with his "disability." This man called himself Maxwell the Great, and he was a magician from a circus. Maxwell somehow transported webber to the Contsants. There, he tried to survive as well as cope with the spider in which he was trapped in.After a while of being trapped in him for a while, Webber began to like the spider and was fine with this "problem." The spider also seemed to be fine with it, and they soon formed a simbiatic relationship. Webber also had the uncanny ability to become friends and comunicate to some extent with other spiders, which here, in the Constants, were the size of the one that "ate" him.

      Eventually though, he died from unnatural causes. For some reason, the spiders took his skull and carried it around. One day someone (a Don't Starve character) planted his skull in a grave where it belonged, but somehow resurected Webber. The rest is, well, the rest is you playing Webber.

      This concludes my story. Tell me what you think of it and listen to some of my theories:

      -Webber has a crush on Wendy, and vice versa.

      -Based on how Webber speaks to Wickebottom (and vice versa), they knew eachother before coming into the Constants.

      -Webber may "idolize" Wigfrid.

      -Is around 10 years old.

      -Doesn't particularly like Maxwell, but still respects him.

      -Looks up to WX-78 and Wilson.

      -He likes all the other characters, and vice versa.

      Please comment if you like/dislike any of this or want to correct me.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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