• Hiya! I noticed you recently filled out a food infobox for Poison Dartfrog Legs. I tried to fill one out for Bean Bugs but the template only allowed me to put in the spawn codes and clicking "Add More Information" did nothing. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

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    • Hello! You aren't doing anything wrong. This seems to be a Visual Editor thing. I honestly do not know how to make it let you fill out the whole template, as I exclusively use the source code editor. I just tried it out myself and I'm stumped as to why it won't let you add more fields! I'm sorry that I cannot help you with Visual Editor. I recommend in the future to:

      • go to any template's documentation page (like this one, for the Food Infobox)
      • copy and paste the code into the page you want to edit (using source editor)
      • fill in the info

      I should also mention that you can also go to an existing page with the template you want to use and copy/paste from there. Just be sure to change everything. That's what I did for the Bean Bugs page: I just copy/pasted from the Poison Dartfrog Legs page and changed what needed to be changed! This is all in source code editor.

      I hope this helps a little bit! And thanks for all your contributions!

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    • Just what Bluegeist said. The visual editor is quite dodgy and almost never does what you expect it to do.

      - Deiaa (Wall)

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    • I'll definitely keep that in mind. Thanks for the help.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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