• One of my favorite things about the Don't Starve world is that there's so much amazing lore and animation and gameplay, but at the same time, there are SOOOO many empty spaces in the lore, so many questions, and so much to wonder about. So this is a discussion about the general lore of Don't Starve. This is a place where you can post your ideas and theories about, well, basically anything. Anything is welcome here, including filler characters, random ideas, and even loopholes you find in the lore or the actual game.

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    • I always thought WX-78 was one of Maxwell's original creations, possibly the first to be trapped in The Constant. Perhaps that is why WX is so determinedly apathetic to living creatures and also compatible with the Chess Monsters' gears. That would also be a good reason he spawns so weak. What do you guys think?

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