• Name: Washi

    nickname: The Samurai

    Quote: "I do what i must to Appease my Dearest"



    Hunger: 175

    Sanity: 300

    Sound: Erhu

    Nationallity: Japanese


    - Is bound to his Mind Breaking Katana (Katana which never Breaks, he slowly drains sanity by using another weapon or item and ignoring his Bloodlust drains it faster. Can Regain Sanity by Killing enemys with katana, and droping the katana will cause the katana to force one kind of item out of the invintory and will go into hand imediantly, It also Speaks Japanese)

    - Fears Nothing (Anything but food and the Sword will not drain his sanity)

    - Has a Unquincible Thrist for Enemy Blood (The Katana will Increase his Damage for ever 1000 Points of Damage are dealt to enemies and starts to slowly drain Sanity but can be return to normal by returning to above average sanity level.)

    - Darkness is His Enemy (When at 0 Sanity, He will become possesed by the Sword and will become Stronger for a Period of Time, Will be punished by slowly Draining Health and Hunger) 


    - Loyal

    - Honoring

    - Caring

    - Sacrificial

    - Corrupted

    Sword Personallity

    - Abusive

    - Self-fighting

    - Two-faced

    - Cursed

    - Selfish

    Relations WIth Other Survivors

    Washi is one of the hunters and fighters of the group, He always promises to complete a task no matter the difficulty, for his time in the war has taught him to respect those who matter most, Which is why he is bound to his sword, which is cursed with the soul of his Daugther and Wife, For he had to kill them for the sake of the world, Therefor he has to keep their souls trapped in the sword to appease the wife and daughter's Lifesource.


    Washi Rennzu is the 30 year old Husband to his Wife Kea Rennzu and the father to his daughter Joy Rennzu, he worked for a wealthy family in as a samurai in order to pay for his family, his life was simple and they were all happy this way, that was until the Shogun Arived at his door, telling of a story of a woman of darkness (Charlie) has breached their world and plots to take over japan and was given the honor to ride horseback aside the general into war, Needing to leave both his wife and child behind, he rides of to which the beast rests and without hesitation, the army charges forth towards the night. one by one, every warrior falls from the fatal blows of the night monster and are force to retreat after months of long traveling only to see that the night monster has reached the town and has begin reaking havoc apon the villagers. In attempt to chasing of the night until morning, he checks his family, that was until what he saw, his wife and child have been possessed by the night and corrupted, with no choice, he had to slay them as their souls are obsorbed into his blade, falling into a depression, the poor man tries to keep his mental health at bay by listening to this new radio that started to be sold at the docking bay, finally finding peace, the Radio calls for him and speaks a message. "Say Pal, You don't look so good, How about i give you some forbidden knownlege to get vengence on that dreaded monster. He created the portal with this newly found knowlege but due to the downfall, he had to substitue major components whiched caused a deep freeze apon washi and the sword, The time caused the souls of Kea and Joy to become aware of their existance and the anger of kea rose after being corrupted by charlie, becoming an abusive woman stuck within a sword, but joy attempts to keep her anger at bay, she needs to be with her lost love in order to numb the pain of betrayel, even though he had to do it for both of their well resting.

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