• So, if you've seen me on the Klei Forums, you'll recognize me from this page, where I questioned Klei about character relations. 

    The page is right here.

    So far I haven't gotten a real confirmation from Klei that I'm at least somewhat doing this right, but deep into the comments, I wrote this little connection line.

    Webber is good friends with Wendy, and Wendy is the niece of Maxwell.

    Maxwell was Charlie's mentor, and Charlie was the sister of Winona.

    Winona worked for the factory that Robert Wagstaff owned, and Robert Wagstaff's new body is the WX-78 robotic system.

    WX-78, therefore, had some relation to Willow.

    Willow is the sister of Wilson, and Wilson was dragged into the constant by Maxwell.

    Back on the subject of Maxwell, he had collided with the traveling circus with Wolfgang in it.

    Wolfgang was accompanied by Wes, and Wes seems to be a friend of Warly.

    Back on the subject of the Travelling Circus, it seems Wigfrid was also part of it.

    Wilbur may be part of it as well.

    The collision lead to Maxwell finding the Codex Umbra, supposedly from Wickerbottom.

    Wickerbottom received the Codex Umbra from Woodie, who is implied to be the first person to suffer the effects of the book.

    Anyway, I also made a bunch of cute lil theories on most of the characters' pages, about how they might potentially be connected to one another. So yeah, consider this cool stuff

    if you wanna know how I drew these conclusions, go to the page and look for my notes below the list

    I really wish there was a "theories" discussion type but hey not all people know that literally every game can be theorized about

    including fortnite

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