• 5 hours after editing the desert biome page, Ellfore lost his mind by the shear number of mistakes that were there...

    Just kidding, but I almost lost my mind tidying it up quite a bit, linking sources to their respective pages, and just generally making it better. Anyways, goodnight everyone

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    • Thanks! You sure got tired while editing that. Although just to avoid future...'errors'...I would like to point out a few things.

      (Bold text = TL;DR)

      1. Articles are to be linked once unless the page is large. This means that if an entity that has an article is mentioned more than once, only one instance (typically the first) is linked. Links are eye-catching and having too many of them in a small area doesn't improve the experience. However, this doesn't mean that one and only one instance must be linked in any case; in large articles it's okay to link a particular article once per major section.
      2. Refrain from using second-person pronouns. (you, your, etc...) Articles should not address the reader directly, and as such, third-person pronouns (They, the player, etc...) are to be used to keep article tones neutral and with as little instructional language as possible. While guides can be exceptions, they are still recommended to follow this rule.
      3. Keep DLC and DST content in a separate section from the main body of the article. If the subject of the article is not DLC-exclusive but is affected by a DLC, main body should only include base game info and a separate DLC section should contain the differences in the DLC. Same with DST. If the base game information is contradictory to the DLC info in the article, the main body may mention that it's just the base game or just not mention anything contradictory to the change at all and just be neutral.

      Please refer to the Manual of Style for more information. If you are in doubt about anything, feel free to ask!

      Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy your editing in this wiki.

      - Deiaa (Wall)

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    • Thank you for pointing out my mistakes, I edited the desert literaly at 2AM XD I actually fell asleep at my desk after just barely finishing my post

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    • An anonymous contributor
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