• I get that trolls are bad, but I think freezing to insanity is a terrible idea (seriously, that's just unfun to play as her in dst)

    I seriously hope that it isn't going to stay like that forever.

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    • Indeed. It is not so much a nerf but a flawed design. Willow can't enter the ruins or hardly farm nightmare fuel. In the summer/autumn you have no idea when you suddenly freeze and take damage if it is because of her sanity or wetness or temperature. This is only confusing.

      Please, Klei, remedy this. Make Willow ejoyable once again. Willow's overall concept is very fun and she's a fun character to play but the random freezing is simply detrimental (there is no real way of offsetting it either; not like the other disadvantages for other characters).

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    • I think i already talked about that in a different discusssion...just with wors gramma.

      But now that i have more time and experiance in english and stuff, i am here to tell are right, man!

      Willow used to be my absolut favorite character in Don`t starve, she was the one i survived the longest periods of times and it was the most fun playing with her(no dirty joke intended).

      Klei kinda ruind Willow for me, really. Playing as Willow is no fun anymore and i prefer Wigfred now...she is kinda like some wired way, but instead of fire she uses Weapons and i can`t really understand her whenever she says something...but i guess i have to get used to least in DST were Willow is now nothing but a worthless peace of programming Mistakes.

      Her sanity is a disaster, her only "superpower" has been taken away, she friggen freezes when insane(I she a lizard or something?) but HEY! AT LEAST WE GET A FRIGGEN TEDDY BEAR!!!

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    • Agreed. There was is no reason why she shouldn't have kept her fire immunity in DST. It would only be fair to give her some sort of advantage against the Dragonfly, for example. And griefing? Come on. Any character can craft a torch and set things on fire. This was never an argument to begin with..................

      Atleast Klei finally decided to fix the poorly implemented freeze-when-insane mechanic:

      "[Game Update] - 214001

      Release Date: 04/18/2017

      - Willow is now less prone to dropping below freezing temperature from her insanity chills. "

      Now it only happens when her sanity AND the ambient temperature is low.

      We can only hope that Klei will show some of the characters a bit more love in future. It would be nice if Willow was more like in Don't Starve. She is still the character I enjoy playing as the most in DST. Let's stay optimisitic and keep providing feedback to Klei, and we will see what they will bring us in The Forge update that is due in November 2017. :)

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    • you can uses mods to make her like the OG willow also the forge update looks like theres going to be alot fire and lava, maybe she'll shine there?

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    • An anonymous contributor
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