• D1g

    Your actions are not acceptable. Discussion in Thread:162446 is still ongoing.

    You just REMOVED WITHOUT REPLACEMENT up to 12 categories from 200 pages.

    As YOU said, every change in category is a big change and should be discussed first Thread:162406#2:

    Stl1234 wrote: I realize my mistake now. When I say it needs to be discussed with the community, I mean "agreement on the exact changes to be made". This implies, but needs to be stated explicitly in your case, that the entire conversation happens in a thread related to the change to be made. A conversation on an unrelated thread, that doesn't even have the other person agreeing with a specific proposal is not a discussion.

    Don't you think of yourself as exception to rules with established policies at this wiki?

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    • Are you seriously asking why your change that doesn't follow the rules have been reverted?

      As a content moderator (part of the job of an admin), I am responsible for everything in this wiki (along with other people who have similar positions). Notice the change you are talking about is reverting what you have changed, without a discussion, despite several warnings to you. The action is the restoration of the wiki content, not a change to it, equivalent to reverting vandalism. When I (or other people) want to make changes, there are threads and prototypes (a number of which were previously shared with you). There always is a thread with other people to get to a common opinion. We've most recently implemented multi-quotes and crafting descriptions, both following this process. You can find the threads in the forum (or admin walls for smaller changes).

      We've been very patient with you so far, but you are really pushing the boundaries.

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    • D1g

      Stl1234 wrote: is reverting what you have changed, without a discussion, despite several warnings to you.

      This is only your opinion. Thread:162406

      All of above was before YOUR edit afterwards.

      Don't think for a second that you're in position to belittle effort of other editors.

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    • Timeline of events (in my time zone), since you are not familiar with the concept of "before":

      • 07:54, 15 October 2016‎: You make the edit to the info box with zero discussion. Violating the rule that was directly explained to you. (link)
      • 15:38, 15 October 2016: You are being called out, and warned again for your edit on thread Thread:162337.
      • 07:47, 16 October 2016 : You start a thread (roughly 24 hours after you make changes on your own, and 16 hours after you are warned again)
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    • An anonymous contributor
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