• Since this page: Sandbox Mode is getting very long, I would like to suggest to split it into 'World Customization' and 'Sandbox Mode'.

    Also renaming 'Sandbox Mode' to 'Survival Mode', as it was discussed by TeoSS69 and Stl1234 in the comments, would make very much sense to me, but I fear it would cause confusion with the game modes from DST (Survival, Endless, Wilderness).

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    • World customization is the large part, that split wouldn't help with the size. I suppose we could have the customizations for different game modes in different pages. There is a general lack of structure regarding the high level world and game mode information, maybe what we need is a world page, which explains the structure of the playing area as well as game modes and rules. Then it can link to other things, like caves, ruins, adventure mode, and various customization options in the related sections.

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    • So if I were to move "World Customization" from "Sand Box", should I split it in different pages? And should I sort it like:

      - DS, RoG (Forest World)

      - DST (Forest World, Cave / Ruins World)

      - SW (Island World)

      Or like so:

      - Forest World (DS, RoG, a few DST options)

      - Cave / Ruins World (DST)

      - Island World (SW)

      This "World" page thing sounds really complicated.

      There would have to be a sort of scheme containing "Sandbox Mode" (without calling it Sandbox), "Adventure Mode" (Maxwell's Door, DS only), "World Hopping" (3 different Teleportatos in Sandbox, in Adventure and in SW), "World Linking" (Seaworthy, SW only), "Survival Mode", "Endless Mode" and "Wilderness Mode" (all DST only), all the while differentiating between different game versions (DS, RoG, SW, DST). Also explaining the architecture of the different world levels (Forest World, Caves, Ruins, Island World, Volcano).

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    • Let's just start with world customization split. I think it should be something like: World Customization/Don't Starve -> all vanilla options World Customization/Reign of Giants -> all rog options, including what already exists in vanilla World Customization/Shipwrecked -> all SW options the same way World Customization/Don't Starve Together -> all dst options Then we can maybe put them in World Customization with a tabview (like Tree or Pig pages).

      Alternatively we can have World Customization to be the vanilla, and have see-also links to others.

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    • I just did the tab view solution and created the following pages:

      World Customization (tab view)

      World Customization/Don't Starve

      World Customization/Reign of Giants

      World Customization/Don't Starve Together

      World Customization/Shipwrecked

      They could all still use a lot of work though. Also Sandbox Mode is now really short.

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    • The skins page needs splitting too! I can't look at it now my browser can't load it :( maybe split it by body part, or rarity? Please divide it I want look at the content! Do I have permission to seperate it myself and do you agree it needs splitting?

      Should We Split The Skins Page?

      The poll was created at 11:17 on August 5, 2016, and so far 9 people voted.
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    • While the Skins page definitely is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, article on this wiki, I disagree with splitting it into several subpages, mainly because it will become harder and more time-consuming to edit it. An alternative approach is inserting tabbers, but I also disagree with that because it won't help with the loading because content under tabbers is loaded with the page normally, and readers will always have to scroll all the way back up in order to see the rest of the skins, so I'm currently on the Symbol oppose vote.png Oppose side.

      Just my opinion. My browser (Chrome) loads it just fine.

      - Deiaa (Wall)

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    • Symbol oppose vote.png Oppose

      I agree with Deiaa. I don't think we should be splitting pages that do not have natural boundaries on the content. I use Edge, IE, Chrome and none of them have any issues. What browser are you using? What is the actual issue (e.g. what specifically do you mean by "can't load it"? If we understand the problem, maybe we can solve it in a different way.

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    • Oppose

      Like Deiaa said, all that's gonna do is complicate things for 1. Finding out the things you need to know and 2. because editing multiple pages is like playing as Wes. And, again, Number 1, you seeing it because it's split causes probably a few thousand people to pay the complications price.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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