• Hello, all! I have been trying to set up a dedicated server to play Don't Starve Together with my girlfriend. We live across the world from each other, so a dedicated server was the only way we could play without lag and rubberbanding. 

    It took several attempts to have everything set up. I had a fellow DST player help me with everything, but when everything was said and done, the Caves were still not loading up. 


    We tried to fix the error for over an hour. We couldn't find anything wrong in any file I had created. I even searched forums on here. I found someone having a similar error, but it was solved by changing the masterport number. The number they changed the masterport number to is the one I currently have, so that is obviously not the issue. 


    Since both my girlfriend and I are newbies at Don't Starve Together, we also customize our world to have the longest autumn and a long day. However, since the Caves weren't working, I was told to put the worldgenoverride.lua file in the Master folder. When I loaded up the server, it was not customized at all. 

    If anyone could help me fix the error with the Caves and the customization, I would greatly appreciate it. I don't want the frustration of perfection to ruin the enjoyment both my girlfriend and I get from this game. 

    Thank you!

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