• Hi,

    There is a crucial information missing in this article, about Dont Starve Together Woodie. When the night with full Moon starts, Woodie will turn to a Beaver (nothing surprising here)


    because its full Moon, the Log meter will start decreasing naturally, and it's pretty fast. If it drops to 0, you lose HPs.

    So at first full Moon in Automn, you can just shop all night long to keep you alive, even if it's not effective (the log meter will not reach 100 unless you are cutting trees constantly). And then wait until the morning, when the negative aura disappears, and you can finish the job. Your sanity must be excellent (above 175) before the full Moon.

    The Winter's full Moon night is now a real problem for Woodie (I experienced it, and died lol), because Winter night is super long, and so is the negative aura. U can't wait until the morning because you'll get insane and cold.

    I think the only way to pass this night is to have perfect sanity and be near a huge and dense forest. When I say huge, its like 3 or 4 times the forest you would cut with Beaver in a normal day. Dense, because u must have the best efficiency to counter that strong aura. I cut the tree and the roots because it's 3 hits each.

    I looked over the forums but nobody talked about that. Is there anything I missed? Did anyone ever encountered this situation?

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